On Ceres found a wall that was built by aliens

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На Церере обнаружили стену, которую построили инопланетяне

On the website «NASA» was posted recent photos of the surface of the planet Ceres. But ufologists have been able to consider them what was missed by the specialists of «NASA», namely the alien wall.

American ufologists was said that the photos clearly show the wall, located on the planet Ceres. Preliminary data suggest that first it was considered a whole building, reproduced aliens, but now we see what is left of his one wall. Scientific research has given to understand that the building was a giant parameters, which may indicate that its inhabitants had very high growth in comparison with ordinary people.

Experts believe that a race of aliens no doubt several million years ago lived on Ceres. But for some reason the aliens planet was abandoned, the modern UFO still failed to learn.

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