In the past 50 years, humans have stolen more than a billion people

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В течение последних 50 лет гуманоиды похитили более миллиарда людей

Alien beings have not had contact with humans directly, but they are not averse to do things quietly. The fact that there are many witnesses, not just claiming that aliens were organized for them tracking. They have even resorted to kidnap people. Thus, researchers of aliens, it was stated that the humanoids took millions of inhabitants of the Earth.

Experts from the organization «ICMEC» say that over the past polovec disappeared a lot of people. This number rolls over to 1 billion 12 million of this number are children. Where are these poor people? This question is easy to answer, because they basely stole just alien beings. And the figures above mentioned may be inaccurate, because some of the continents for example, Africa and Asia, do not sound complete statistical information.

So in fact, the number of missing might be higher several times. It can reach up to several billion! Experts believe that 12 million children could be victims of pedophiles, so they were definitely stolen by malevolent alien beings for some experiments. It is even possible that the disappeared were in some other dimension or they were eliminated by the participants of a world conspiracy, e.g. the Illuminati.

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