The chocolate will soon disappear from the diet of earthlings

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Шоколад исчезнет вскоре из рациона землян

Humanity, perhaps, is to enjoy the moment chocolate and other products containing cocoa as in the foreseeable future they may disappear from the Earth. Employees of the University of California conducted a study and found that by 2050 our planet will probably cease to grow chocolate trees. These evergreen plants of the genus Theobroma will cease to grow in the tropics due to global climate change .

Cacao trees grow only in narrow strips of rain forest to twenty degrees North and South of the equator. Already today, global warming causes forest of chocolate trees rapidly disappear. The pace after only 32-year man will have nowhere to obtain cocoa powder and cocoa butter which are essential ingredients of all adored chocolate. Currently, the two largest producers of cocoa are the côte d’ivoire and Ghana, but local farmers say that because of the harsh climatic conditions they will not be able to grow in the coming years.

Шоколад исчезнет вскоре из рациона землян

The scientists intend to combine their efforts with well-known confectionery Corporation Mars, to begin work on the creation of genetically modified cocoa tree, which can grow to more hot and dry climates. If such a grade is not received, the chocolate trees will soon grow only in the mountains. Because of the high deficiency of the cost of cocoa powder and cocoa butter will increase repeatedly, and the chocolate will turn into a real delicacy, like caviar or squid. And then, perhaps, disappear altogether. At least 90 percent of the population of the Earth…

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