The mysterious «space gen» found at astronaut Scott Kelly

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Having stayed in earth orbit for a year, 53-year-old American astronaut Scott Kelly was higher by 5 inches. During these 12 months his body has been other amazing changes. To identify them, the researchers compared health indicators Scott with physiological indicators of his twin brother Mark.

Загадочный «космический ген» нашли у астронавта Скотта Келли

In the past mark was also a astronaut, but he is our planet not leaving. This allowed NASA to conduct a unique experiment by sending one twin into space and leaving the other on Earth, in order to subsequently compare their state of health. Scott returned from a flight in early March of 2016, and since then, American researchers are intensively studying this difference.

It turned out that the changes in the muscles, height, bones and sleep cycles are not the only consequences of a long stay outside of our atmosphere. Experts suddenly discovered the twins differences in gene expression. More than 200 thousand molecules of ribonucleic acid Scott Kelly was changed. In addition, the astronaut has recorded a lengthening of the telomeres end parts of chromosomes responsible for aging. However, on Earth they are, unfortunately, quickly returned to normal, that is not true of other genetic changes.

Загадочный «космический ген» нашли у астронавта Скотта Келли

Experts of the us national space Agency suggest that the experimental zvezdoleta of irreversible genetic changes that are directly associated with the stay in space. Scientists have managed to give this phenomenon the name «cosmic gene».

«Cosmic gene» – yet insurmountable obstacle to space travel

It is strange that NASA refuses to name the most obvious thing: the human being is simply not capable of a long time outside the home planet. It seems that it may be more serious than gene mutations? And because it happened in earth orbit, and what «miracles» will begin with the astronauts in space, it is difficult to imagine? Anyone who went to conquer, for example, Mars and other planets, clearly faces a long painful death.

Загадочный «космический ген» нашли у астронавта Скотта Келли

What’s more surprising: it has been over a year and a half, as Scott Kelly returned to Earth from its long «travel», and research implications it is not visible and the end. Although, recall, the leadership of NASA in September 2016, urged the media is that journalists too much of a hurry to find out what the experiment showed a longer stay of man in space, they say, for this we need a year of adapting astronauts to terrestrial conditions. But Scott Kelly, apparently, is not adapted to them still, and adapts at all?..

Sure: the aliens are traveling in the boundless space of the Universe completely differently than we do. They know some hidden secrets of such movements, which we still grow and grow…


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