Communication with the stars

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Общение со звёздами

Long distance communication is an important part of our culture. Actually, the script had originally planned not to store any information; its main purpose was the transmission of information over a distance. So it is absolutely all civilizations contained some form of structure, which was later called mail. The state could not have, for example, the police or the education system, but mail is present in it necessarily.

Most revolutionary inventions were primarily found application in communication systems. So it was with electricity, which is more than 120 years since the invention of the first Telegraph was used exclusively for the transmission of information. Even this is not associated with communications invention as a steam engine, has found application in communications; less than two years since its patenting, as has already been proposed and implemented pneumatic mail with the use of the steam engine.

With the advent of the telephone and radio, and all devices that followed them, the ability to communicate within the habitat of humanity has reached its peak. Indeed, the scale of the planet Earth, no distance is not an obstacle to information transmission. However, we would not be themselves if not thought about expanding their opportunities.

Needless to say, less than a hundred years ago, mankind in General had no idea about the scale of the world in which it lives. This seems surprising: to make fundamental discoveries in quantum physics, carried out the first nuclear reaction, the mankind got acquainted with color photography and first saw the video with sound, but even in the academic world did not know the extent of our Universe. Only observations and discoveries Edwin Hubble showed how huge our world. Further development of his ideas gave rise to a science of radio astronomy. And where there is the prefix «radio», there is always the possibility if not to say something, at least something to hear…

Mankind took more than 40 years since the invention of radio to begin listening to the «voices» of the Universe; but, in our defense, we can say that it was purely practical implications: the signal space of a few specific, and humanity before the advent of certain technical tools it was not possible to explore the world of microwaves.

The listening space has brought many interesting results were explained by a physical phenomenon and for decades people learned more about the Universe than in the entire history of science. But the most interesting was the fact that from various corners of our world came signals, the most likely sources which could be other civilizations. Then humanity got the idea for the first time to Express themselves through messages messages to inhabitants of other worlds.

At first the idea caused skepticism not only among ordinary citizens, but also in the scientific world. The reasons for this scepticism ranged from the purely practical to the social. The vast distances between stars and the limitations of the speed of propagation were given little chance to conduct normal communication sessions. It was not clear how and what you need to pass the «brothers in mind», that they have understood – it is not known who they are and how their way of thinking. The social aspect was expressed in a banal fear of the intentions of the aliens – but what if they are hostile to us, and we’re signing our own death warrant when you just go to them? However, whatever it was, in 1962, the first Epistle to the stars was sent.

Pioneers of interstellar negotiations were scientists from the Soviet Union. Through deep space communication complex was sent simple messages using Morse code in the direction of Venus.

In the future space messages were more complex and were designed to be more descriptive possible recipients. There was even developed a special language for interstellar communication Lincos, which through mathematical abstractions was due to the fairly complex concepts (such as colors, emotions, relationships, etc.)

However, the greatest popularity has received the message in which was transmitted the encrypted image in the form of black-and-white pictures. The picture was drawn by a binary code and the received sequence was transmitted using radio telescopes. The first such experience was the «Arecibo message» sent in direction of globular cluster M13 in 1974. It was a picture size 23 on 73 points and includes basic information about humanity, the world and its habitat. The experiment was of rather a symbolic nature, since the distance to the cluster exceeded a few thousand light years and wait for a response to this message would be too optimistic.

Subsequent messages were more practical. Series of messages «Cosmic call» contained a few pictures of 127 by 127 points and went in the direction of the nearest sun-like stars. Pictures contained information about the Land and its people, about our achievements and our world. Messages reach the recipients in the XXI century.

Sometimes the messages have been a little different. For example, sent in 2008, the Epistle to the Polar star, called «across the Universe» contained a recording of music and songs of our planet’s inhabitants with instructions of how these songs can be played.

So far, the Space is silent in response to the call of the earthlings. Perhaps the message hasn’t found its subscribers, and may close just empty. However, do not despair. In the infinite ocean of the Universe life can not only exist in one place. Sooner or later we will find those with whom you can talk, despite all the differences between us.

Interesting fact. In 2010 the star Gliese 581, which is from us at a relatively small distance, was discovered three planets. At the time of transmission of the first «messages from the stars» in 1962 Venus was in the same quadrant as the star Gliese 581. Sent more than half a century ago, the radio signal has reached the three planets in another star system. And if there is intelligent life, maybe we will get out answer…

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