Anomalies of Turgay trough

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Says the journalist Yuri Metelev:

Turgay deflection is a wonderful place. Around the vast Kazakhstan other could not be found. Windswept, it stretches to the South of the Urals and the Kazakh uplands for hundreds of kilometers to the shifting of the semi-deserts of the Aral sea region.

Just vsholmlennaja valleys covered with wheat, go for the skyline, steppe herbs infused with healing air, thousands of herds of antelope-saiga, running across the steppe on a par with the wind fabulous mineral wealth and above all this blue sky with the evening and morning sorami rare purity due to the exceptional atmospheric transparency.

Аномалии Тургайского прогиба

Day in summer the thermometer can display more than 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, and at night it is time to sleep in a fur sleeping bag. Weeks can burn ruthless Asian sun, and suddenly, from out of nowhere who undertook the clouds, rush of such power shower, behind that wall of water will not see the hood of his car. And there is another feature of Turgay. Here, as in any other place, you can observe not only day, but night mirages.

Well remember how I first came to the Turgay river, saw the Mirage. Our forwarding machine was already a few hours in a deserted area, reaching the area of the river Irgiz. The sun was beating down mercilessly, and all who were in the back of a truck, wanted only one thing — to quickly get to the river and plunge into the cool water.

And the river suddenly appeared as soon as we climbed the hill. Under the rays of the sun, the water sparkled and played patches of light, and on both its banks grew a shady willow. With joy I cried out: «Hurrah!» But my companions, who has worked in these parts not a single field season, looked at me like I was Crazy.

— It’s a Mirage! — said one of the geologists. — Take a closer look. See all blurry and shaking in the air.

Аномалии Тургайского прогиба

Indeed, as it turned out, and soon a marvelous picture disappeared, like melted in the air. Then I got used to the Mirage and stopped paying attention to rivers, lakes, trees, occurring on both sides of the road when traveling. One day, being in the Aral sea, we even had a chance to see the city of Sittwe, which was not less than 300 kilometers. High-rise residential buildings, leafy streets and even public transportation seemed to be at a distance of only 2-3 kilometers.

Mirages, of which I spoke, has long been well studied and are explained by purely physical laws of refraction and reflection of light from very distant objects. One American meteorologist in the early XX century were observed, apparently the most distant object Mirage. Being on the East coast, he saw an African city, and the scientist Flammarion in his book «the Atmosphere» describes in detail the Mirage of the battle of Waterloo in July 1815.

In the morning sky is fine and was seen not only the army, but also the costumes of soldiers, artillery gun with a broken wheel. A prerequisite of such mirages should be high transparency of the atmosphere and uneven progrevaemost upper and lower layers, which is very characteristic of Turgay river with its sharply continental climate. But you can see in the Kazakh Turgai and unusual mirages — night.

Imagine this: in the evening twilight somewhere on the horizon, and sometimes at a distance of 1-2 kilometers away from you unexpectedly receive bright light. He then flares up stronger, then grows dim or burns evenly and smoothly and then suddenly disappears. Judging by the current map, where the glow there’s no shelter, and the light you see everything.

Our experienced driver of the expedition from the local Kazakhs Timur explains everything simply: «This is the soul of the deceased wanders from his home.» Under the house he understands the Adobe house is the burial ground where, according to Muslim tradition, leave the body of the deceased. Such burial grounds in Kazakhstan a lot.

More recently, in the Turgai valley has been found mysterious ancient geoglyphs (ground bulk image)

Аномалии Тургайского прогиба

Аномалии Тургайского прогиба

Somehow we decided to see what Timur is saying and, when in the vicinity of the village of Amangeldy suddenly appeared a mysterious light, we went to the car in that direction. In fact, after about 3 kilometers we reached the luxury of a burial ground, but by this time the mysterious light moved on. «Soul went far, far away desert and did not want to meet Russian», — explained the driver.

Mysterious night lights Turgay engaged not one specially organized expedition. Scientists managed to establish that most lights can be seen near the villages of Semiozernoe, Dievka, but especially in the area of relict Amankaragay and Tersek forest. These relatively small forest — a landmark of the desert steppe. They consist mainly of pines and deciduous underbrush.

Locals claim that you see sometimes some lights directly over the tops of the trees. The fire nice color, able to move. The cause of gravitation of night lights to the forest no one can explain, but cannot be discounted (personal opinion) the possibility of landing in the same places, unidentified flying objects, which conveniently blacked out in the local woods, so as not to attract the attention of strangers.

I should add that from these areas without interference, it is possible to monitor the UPS of space rockets from the Baikonur cosmodrome, located relatively close to this part of the Turgai.

Strange night lights in Turgay than once been the cause of accidents. The fact that the steppe road in the Turgay — it’s not what people think when we are talking about the highway between Alexandria and the Red Village. Road Turgay is able to confound and drive crazy (in the literal sense of the word) even the most experienced geologist who knows the area and in addition owning a map and compass.

Once I was able to overtake the last repair on the basis of the Central Asian expedition in the town of Chelkar (the Aral sea) a truck on North Turgay trough to the village Semiozernoe.

Machine needed one of the field teams of the expedition. Besides the driver and me in the car was also an experienced St. Petersburg geologist Vadim Seleznev, who knew confusing road Turgay inside out. We had to choose two routes: a long, held arc by nationum dirt roads through several towns and villages, and a short walking deaf and uninhabited territories, and where the actual road was called two bad whether well rolled on the ground track.

The latter option would allow us to save two days, and palocci gasoline (although gasoline cost then very cheap). Naturally, we chose the second option. Left early in the morning, hoping for a day to overcome the route. And at first everything was going great. We even allowed the luxury of an hour to hunt for the Houbara bustard — a bird very cautious.

Аномалии Тургайского прогиба

Vadim managed to kill her, thus providing us an excellent dinner. We continued, but by nightfall, the already barely visible in the headlights of the steppe the road became worse and worse to vary, and then track and all came to naught, as if merging with the steppe. The phenomenon is usually to Turgay.

Vadim decided to wait until the morning and with the dawn to continue their journey. Spread out a felt rug quickly plucked, gutted and fried blowtorch the game and took out the bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and the melons, made a feast under the starry Asian sky. Before we could finish the meal as away there was a mysterious twinkle.

It seemed that he was not then three miles from us and moved slowly. Perhaps it was the motorcyclist, who was riding with a lighted headlight on the way, we have lost. Naturally, there is a desire to go in that direction, but Vadim, closely followed by the moving light, said: «It is a Mirage. May be some one rides for 40 kilometers from here, but we will move with the dawn, as outlined».

Soon the mysterious fire disappeared, and only the big stars covering black as pitch, the sky shone for us. In the morning we had some difficulty using the compass and map, took the required azimuth and shortly «felled» lost track. She was a very different place than we’ve seen before the fire. By the evening of the second day we arrived safely in Semiozernoe, no longer seeing the lights.

And here’s another similar example, but not so favorable end. Warm July evening in a truck with two Aktobe geologists and the driver drove out of the resort village of KOs Expired under aqtöbe on the South side of Arkalyk. Chauffeur-Kazakh drove a short route in deaf steppe ways. Presumably, they saved time and gasoline.

With nightfall, the driver, as we lost track, but instead to wait until morning, did not invent anything smarter, how to ask geologists to go find the lost road, which, in his opinion, was somewhere nearby. Of course, that he had left the headlights on and in agreement from time to time beeped. Geologists have split one left and one right of the truck. The driver waited a few hours, but they never came back. He desperately signaled, switching the dipped headlights to high beam. It was no use. People like vanished.

Waiting for the morning, the driver prudently rushed back to report the incident… On the basis of the expedition immediately sounded the alarm, knowing how it would end for the people left without water and shelter. Contacted with all field teams of geologists who worked in the surrounding area, and the airport of Sittwe.

A small plane flew the ANDES in search of. The pilots managed to find the missing geologists in the beginning of the third day of searching. Alas. They were both dead. The sun killed them on the first day of stay in semi-desert. Almost everyone who knew the story, believed that the main cause of death of Aktobe steel mysterious Mirage lights Turgay. There is no doubt that the geologists took the Mirage light for the lights of the headlights of his car and went farther and farther into a desert.

And this is not the only case. One Russian driver from the town of Shevchenko (now Aktau), lifetime wheels in Kazakhstan, told me that every year takes a few driving lives and that experienced drivers are always trying to go in a pair with another, or several necessarily healthy machines, fuel and water, and in winter time, and vodka. Do not take alcohol for fun, and in the case of a strong frost to warm the body.

My old friend Oleg Ksenofontov, who has worked in Kazakhstan for about 40 years, told me another story. He not only remembered and confirmed what I told the readers, but also gave another interesting example of the «geological of everyday life». One of the field units of Leningrad conducted geological surveys on the coast of the Aral sea.

About once a week to the field workers came to the machine with drinking water and food. Once the car did not come on the appointed day. Not having more products and using up almost all the fresh water, the geologists decided to walk to their base. The distance was not very big, about 30 kilometers. Came before dawn, in time to beat a path to maximum sun.

Despite the large experience of their leader, they wandered in the desert. All of them were threatened with death, but the case has helped. Geologists were able to reach a large burial ground, within which, even in extreme heat prevails coolness. There they hid from the sun. And the collecting car soon arrived and, not finding people returned to base.

It is clear that was immediately organized search. On the second day of geologists found. They were just live from nervous shock, and cooks of the group — a young girl — had to be hospitalized. She raved and talked some fiction. Fortunately, a month later recovered, but she was strictly forbidden to be in the heat of the desert.

The nature of the mysterious lights in the Turgay is still not fully understood. And no one can say that these lights are only a Mirage.

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