Meeting with the shadow Man

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This story was told by John from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

«I have two dogs shepherd. One is constantly in the yard, and the second I regularly take a run. I live in a private house, I have owned several acres of land outside the city. The run I do along the local road that late in the evening, no one goes.

Встреча с Человеком-тенью

One day I as usual went there with my dog. But this time my dog did not escape me. He just sat in front of me, blocking my way. Well, I then decided just to walk the dog two miles.

Everything went fine and we soon returned home. The next night everything was as usual, but the next night all over again. The dog did not want to escape and got back on the road.

We again found that strange. He was sitting in front of me, like wouldn’t let me. When we walked, all the way he constantly looked around, as if looking for someone. And you know, he’s the shepherd, he has very good hunting instincts, he often feels close to various animals, especially deer, and if he sees them, he starts to bark. But this time he didn’t smell or bark. In General, he was acting really weird.

A few days later we again went for a walk on this road and all has repeated again and again we run instead of walked. And when we returned back, I saw this thing! She was black and she was crossing the road!

When it stopped in the middle of the road, I have all the hair on his body stood on end. It was completely black and looked like a shadow person. On his head had no eyes, there was nothing that could be distinguished.

I stood there and looked at this creature and my dog was looking at him, he saw him too. How long did it last? Probably 15 seconds, and then it somehow disappeared. And you know what else? I barely dragged my dog home, the dog just didn’t want to leave!

When we got home, I was shaking all over, my wife and I lit a fire and sat near it. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t believe in ghosts and various paranormal things. But what I watched knocked the shit out of me».

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