«My friend picked up a girl who suddenly turned into a decrepit old woman»

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In life sometimes happen is very unusual, you can tell incredible stories. For example, I’ve never met a werewolf, but I know people who have dealt with them. Tell the case of life of one of my friends.

Year in 1975 my younger sister dated a guy named Nicholas. And he was, at one time in practice in a remote village and went to the district to my sister for a date on a motorcycle. Distance is decent, about 20 kilometers. Nicholas on his «Sunrise» went in the evening, after work, and in the morning, the beginning of the work day, came back.

"Мой знакомый подвозил девушку, которая вдруг обернулась дряхлой старухой"

And once it was in the autumn, he went from my sister’s six o’clock in the morning. Going down the road and suddenly sees from behind a tree came a girl and invitingly raised his hand, asks Nicholas to stay. Nothing unusual in that, since bus service between the taiga villages were absent and people usually get on a passing truck.

Unusual was only girl clothes — too easy to fall dark dress. No things, no any handbags in hand. Nicholas decided that this girl was evidently in the district at the dance at the house of culture, and in the morning returned home. Local youth sometimes did so.

Nicholas stopped the bike. With interest looked at the girl: young, about eighteen, dark hair braided in a heavy plait which fell down his back. The dark dress fit slim chiseled figure.

Nicholas even winded — pretty the girl was. She sat back, tightly wrapped her boyfriend’s arms, snuggled against his back and hot body, touching his lips to his ear, whispered:

— Come, my dear.

Nicholas could not think straight, he couldn’t understand how led motorcycle on a dirt road among fields and thick birch groves. Thoughts were only about the girl that sat behind him. In my head swarmed crazy adolescent fantasies. But his ear again breathed hot breath:

— Not a chance, my dear. Oh, I’ll kill you, sweetheart!

Nicholas the wheel almost escaped from his hands. He was terribly uncomfortable because the girl as if to read his thoughts. He felt face burning hot fire, and the sweat trickling between his shoulder blades.

Five kilometers to the right of the village, the motorcycle suddenly stalled. A little spin by inertia and stopped in the middle of the majestic pine trees. The girl jumped from the seat, walked a few steps to the side. And Nicholas bent over the motor trying to find the problem.

Suddenly he heard behind a rustle, and old squeaky voice said:

— Thank you, my dear, gave me a ride home!

Nikolai looked up in surprise: before him stood an ancient old woman in some rags. Leaning on a crooked stick, she looked at him red eyes. Brought to face the rough palm of his hand, adjusted his gray matted hair that escaped from under the kerchief.

— Do not torture your horse, my dear, and you’d better go on your way yeah don’t look back. And how would not I killed you, darling! — mumbled toothless mouth scary old lady.

As Nicholas picked up the bike and as I rolled it to the village along the road through the pine forest, he’d forgotten. Only woke up near the hostel, where already gathered before going to the work of his friends. They hardly tore the guy from the motorcycle, which he clutched with a death grip. Under hands got to the Dorm, laid on the bed.

Only in the evening Nicholas began to slowly come to life. Friends tried to figure out: what happened to him, if he with all haste fled out of the pine forest, wheeling the bike, and then spent the whole day staring at the ceiling vacantly? But Nicholas was silent.

Then came the foreman of the village Mihalich, who explained to the boys that, most likely, Nikolay met in the woods with a werewolf. It turns out that such cases sometimes happened in those places: the hog behind the lone traveler will chase the horse all the way pursued. Tractor in the fields, sometimes seen at dusk walking a strange woman in white. Tried to catch up, but she suddenly vanished into thin air.

Here is this story with my friends. And to laugh at him, no one thought. Only stopped Nicholas to ride goodbye to my sister. And the other guys alone in the woods already did. Who knows: maybe the werewolf will meet? Why take the chance?

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