Meeting with the creature on a farm in Puerto Rico in 1998

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Chupacabra takes its name from the Spanish words «goat» and «suck». Here for over half a century, legends about this mysterious creature attacked the goats, chickens and other small livestock and supposedly sucking out their blood. And went these stories from Puerto Rico, a small state located near the United States.

The following note researcher Nick Redfern paranormal site Mysterious Universe talks about how he personally went to Puerto Rico in 2004 to learn more about this creature and to meet with those who have seen it firsthand.

«Usually hearing the name «Chupacabra», people think that this creature only attacks goats, but it is not. It attacks pigs, chickens, cats — everyone sees the available prey. Even peacocks. In the summer of 2004 I had the «monster hunter» John Downs and cast and crew of the SyFy channel went to Puerto Rico to learn more about the creature.

Встречи с чупакаброй на ферме в Пуэрто-Рико в 1998 году

One of our stops was the highland’s ranch, which was extremely difficult to reach via a steep dirt road, one side of which the last five miles was a deep abyss. We wanted to get on the ranch because, according to rumors, there were attacks of Chupacabra.

The rancher farmer Dominic lived in a large stone house surrounded by a high white wall. In addition, cattle and numerous goats and pigs he kept a flock of peacocks. And in 1998, happened something strange — just four birds were killed in a very unusual way. All the birds from the violent seemed to be the only bite marks on his neck.

Встречи с чупакаброй на ферме в Пуэрто-Рико в 1998 году

But there was something else, which had none of us seen or heard about this little of the skull of all birds were carefully pierced with something sharp and triangular in shape.

Puzzled and angered by the attack on their precious peacocks Dominic since then, very carefully guarded the remaining birds. Every night he lay down next to their paddock and slept sensitively, making sure to avoid new attacks. It yielded results, more birds did not die, however, the Chupacabra, according to Dominic, still came to the birds several times. And he saw her in all her «glory».

For us it was very important, because it was the most reliable source, which we could wish for. We asked Dominic to talk in detail about what happened.

According to his story, on the night he was putting the peacocks in a pen, fenced with wire mesh and the night of the murder four peacocks, the fence on the North side was damaged, it formed a hole. After the attack, Dominic decided to take a flashlight and a chair and stay for the night inside the enclosure.

The first night he was spending the night something crept to the paddock from the other side, where there was a hole. Dominic heard the distinctive sound, as if something was trying to get through the mesh of the fence and pointed the flashlight in that direction.

He was shocked to see next to him suddenly, a big creature in a minimum length of 4 feet (1.2 meters) of a brownish color. Originally it stood on all fours, and when the light suddenly rose on his hind legs.

The creature apparently noticed a man or he did not like bright light as it growled menacingly and suddenly a row of long spikes rose up from his neck and back. At the sight of this creature Dominic stiffened in his chair from fear and not even thinking about getting up and standing next to grab the rifle.

Встречи с чупакаброй на ферме в Пуэрто-Рико в 1998 году

At this moment, suddenly cried aloud peacocks and Dominic even more frozen in fear. Chupacabra also stood a little on his hind legs, swaying dangerously and like to attack, whether an adult or not, and then dropped to all fours and ran away through a hole in the mesh.

In the next 2-3 weeks Chupacabra to the peacocks were no longer, but Dominic several times he had seen this creature at dusk near his farm, sitting in the Bush.

In each case, when you try to approach him, the creature retreated into the depths of the fields. Soon it ceased to come to the farm and Dominic never saw him again».

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