Meeting on the roads with a woman asking a white fabric or a sheet

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In the film of Shukshina «Lives a guy» the main character Pasha Kolokolnikov, open-mouthed, listening to the incredible story of how one driver saw on the road a naked woman and that it was before the war. The woman asked the driver to buy white cloth. In the end it turned out that it was Death.

Vasily Shukshin turned bright chauffeur’s story in the legend of the Flank of love, and the film ended — at least on this subject — quite well. And they say truck drivers today, what stories in the course?

Встречи на дорогах с женщиной, просящей белой ткани или простынку

There is no way that all of a sudden began to lie about the same. Yes, dozens of people from different geographical locations. One and the same! Yes — people of the same profession! Then there is the history of objective grounds.

Now it is difficult, if not impossible to find out statistics of meetings on the roads of the USSR Nude ladies, rare then brake the car for a few months, weeks and days before the beginning of the great Patriotic war of 1941-45 But sketchy stories I remember and the Altai, where he attended his grandmother Shukshin hero, and the Urals, and the Volga, and Moscow. «It is Death walked the earth!» — said Pasha Granny.

All things are possible. And of course not taken from the ceiling this case Basil Kravchuk: it was passed on the facts of such meetings by word of mouth. Where the woman was young, where the old, where a completely naked, where in a white shroud. But in each case, asked the driver to bring her some cloth.

But history repeated itself forty years of one to one! Just before the Afghan war. Only the geography of the meetings has shifted to the South of the country. Somehow more a woman walking on the roads of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Say «reason» for a reason: it died in Afghanistan, mostly Russian guys with Ryazanschine, Tambov, Smolensk. Can thus «mentioned» geographical point of the war?

As a rule, meetings were observed either in the far marshy lands and forgotten tracks (abandoned mines, for example), or big water in the Charvak reservoir (Tashkent), on lake Issyk-Kul. And the meeting was certainly not with any people, and — with drivers, specifically. Other profession — another symbol?

Well, not every irrigator to another irrigator will tell you (often forgetting to tell!) incredible story. Maybe that’s why in other segments of the population «marks» were lost, and the drivers are very sociable, especially with each other — have survived. And even not so important, it professional or Amateur, the owner «the Zhiguli» or a trucker. A few stories in a short time has occurred in Issyk-Kul, and with driver «Zhiguli» (one and all, vacationers, lovers).

And not always female «voted» on the road. We know firsthand the story, she galloped to the lake on horseback, jumped on shore, not paying attention to the witness Yura (by the way, people are not inclined to lie), plunged into the icy water of the lake and so, naked, approached him.

— You will not have a bed sheet? I would hide…

Beautiful, slim, tanned body. But this universal cold emanated from him.

With trembling hands Yura climbed in the trunk in bags and his wife and children as time in the village was absent, and got a woman sheet. She almost snatched it from his hands a sheet, cleverly wrapped in, jumped on his horse and sped away.

Встречи на дорогах с женщиной, просящей белой ткани или простынку

In the same 1979 in the marshes on the road from Vladimir, Gus-Crystal «vote» slowing down of the car half-dressed woman. Sometimes it was in old Russian dress, sometimes in Mordovia: Meschera — Finno-Ugric tribe, and the area is — Meshchersky-Murom forest, concealing many mysteries, in addition to those described. In only one case known to us, the woman was naked. But all, without exception, asked for a sheet!

Once the author of this article was found by driver Victor Golubev nicknamed Columbus: every day he runs along the route Moscow — Gus-Khrustalny.

— Stories of tens, hundreds, — said Victor. — Yeah, no motive — just a driver’s anecdotes, moreover, embellished. Recently had a chance to chat with the evil — werewolves in the form of a bear or wolf. Yes, and this is very understandable: the hunt dramatically declined — too expensive now a pleasure. To the North from Moscow all the way to the Arctic has recovered the pre-war population of the wolf! Before the war, and not to Afghan, got it? That brought people!

— Well, and he somehow met someone on the road?

— No, the woman is not seen. But the racket is just seen. For so many years. Only know what I drive? Horns and hooves! No kidding! And they stink. So no not afraid of a racket. And how to go to the Goose, after all, can not hide anywhere. Others, perhaps, hard. I can do it. It seems far away and just try out to drive on this track?

— I understand your problem. But I would do anything to hear about encounters with the unknown. Well, maybe a symbol, a sign of some.

— UFO? You should have said, the Men saw something, but I can’t. The God of mercy. In Gus because their «plates» enough. On each column stand, crystal trade. And who he’s useful? But I want my own statistics over the years?

— Come on.

— You now know that there are cat, dog, bird days?

— What do you mean?

— And. Strictly on one particular day on the road only under pressure of cats. Then dogs. And so on. Moreover, these days always follow each other in sequence. Sometimes go, and asphalt — entirely of bird feathers. So tomorrow will be the hares.


— Completely. And to this day no other animals not under pressure.

— Victor, and that… and people also have a particular day?

— And how! No wonder, I say, when the king in the road was going, he figured stargazers, you can go or the weather. I think astrology is. Or, for example, we had sovereigns, lovers of bear hunting…

— You’re talking about people, about people more.

— Please. To this day, while from Moscow to Goose you get there, definitely on the road a couple of attendants are not there the road will go. Sometimes to the death. But I did not come across. These days I know ear hold eyes open.

— Fantastic!

— And there are driving days! No one is pressured, he-look out! About them sometimes on television and warn. Still going, and that here and there someone lying in a ditch. And all the track — definitely one major accident. Look, talk to the DMV — they have a history of abruptly.

Okay, thank you.

Встречи на дорогах с женщиной, просящей белой ткани или простынку

In fact, astrological days on the road — for us, it was a revelation. In time caught by Columbus.

— In one of these driving days and got attached to us and Gena old this, damn it…

Where, what?

— Yes turn on Ulybysheva ran out of the woods the fright. Barefoot, and his feet are blue. It’s winter! The coat opened and slow.

The sheet asked for?

— No. Me the boss gave the job «bolesnik» to overtake. «Bolesnik» new. I’m with Gena asked. Well, she’s attached: Yes ride ride! And most and face blue, eyes are seen. We do not mind… all I know is horror this is something took! And Gena behind the wheel. I clap the door. «Drive!» — yell to him that is urine. Well, Gena don’t need to persuade, he gas and we are up to the Goose flew like mad.

Could have shown to you?

— There was nothing. Well, it caught up with us! The door handle dug — and… don’t know believe it. Ten kilometers was driving the car on foot!

— Ran?

— I say: riding! As on skids. But winter-that — you know, now what, the road is bare pavement. Sparks from under the heels flying!

— And then what?

— Rest is not very remember. The door she was released. And — the way! Well, I think that skiff you, grandma. Yes, so as not suspect, will have doors and handles carefully wipe, and then suddenly prints you can find. Seriously! already about the murder I thought I couldn’t survive, I think, Granny, and me and Gena will be put, consider, for nothing.

And what are you gonna do! She suddenly — I am a mirror, and then turned around… she suddenly became three times more, then climbed over the road behind us another hundred yards passed and vanished into thin air. Well, thank God, I think, Ghost. Probably crushed someone shortly before turning on Ulybysheva. Here and hovering since then. But we are no longer caught.

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