Aliens in Sochi

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Sultry southern night in Sochi, several people witnessed the unusual visit. It happened in the summer of 1990.

Mysterious visitors attended standard two-bedroom apartment in a five-storey panel house. In one of two adjacent rooms located braslet, is the bedroom of the owner of the apartment. In a separate room, behind the bedroom wall in the summer time of year is always colour. Twin beds standing side walls, opposite one another. Between them is a window opening onto the loggia. In the end wall of the door.

Пришельцы в Сочи

That summer in the room for guests was a family — husband and wife. They came to rest on the black sea coast from Odessa. Vladimir, whose door 38, works in his hometown of Director of the youth center. His wife Tatiana, 34 years old, is a kindergarten teacher.

The landlady in Sochi asked me not to mention her name. The story of the mistress and will be the first.

— It happened in the night of July 20. The shower was big then. The abyss of heaven opened up… we in the apartment no one slept — stuffy, painful, and the Windows — thunder and lightning. I was lying on the back, everyone was trying to sleep. And I hear if easy steps. He opened his eyes. And I was taken aback! Me, you see, the man was inclined. Growth small, that such a meter with a cap, as they say. Feelings of fear I had, that’s for sure. I’m just very surprised. Where did he come from?

Now I will try to describe it. He was entirely weak light gray-green. Yes, the face is green like a dead man, bloodless, flat, but not human. The head is similar to a pear. Instead of eyes, pupil deep black holes. And yet I distinctly felt its gaze. I noticed — no eyebrows, instead some skin folds. And neck was not the same. Again, like the folds of skin or garment below the chin.

Feel — I felt numb. I could neither hand to move nor to speak a word. Closed eyes for a moment. When he opened them, he saw the second next to the first creature. Shorter and chudesatee physique.

In General, stood side by side in front of me two dwarf… very gently suddenly they flew off to the side of my bed. There was the sound similar to a loud explosion. And the creatures disappeared. And in the room came from outside through the open window a glowing ball the size of a tennis ball. Behind him stretched a glowing trail. The ball sizzled, crackled.

From the testimony of Tatiana, whose door resting:

— That stormy night my husband went out to the loggia smoke. I was lying on the bed, but not sleep. Suffered from heat exhaustion. Left multiple eyes on the window. And there… Two scrubby gray-green creatures! Standing on the other side of the window, i.e. directly at the Lodge. At first I thought — dreaming, need to Wake up! Pinched his ear. No, not sleeping.

I saw these dwarfs very clear. Where there should be neck, each of them clearly visible perevozki as infants. At this point my husband entered the room and sat down on the bed. In the next second one of^creatures privzetega in the air and in a smooth pirouette after passing the sill, fluttered into the room.

I wanted to scream from fear, but my tongue was paralyzed. The whole body was paralyzed. And feel pouring from his eyes in two streams of tears. Flow completely involuntary, because it is important to emphasize, I even not come to mind at the moment to cry.

Suddenly there was a sharp clap and I saw that the window flies in the loggia of the blue ball. At the top, near the ceiling. When there was cotton, the creatures disappeared. I asked her husband: «Vova, have you seen these freaks? Or they imagined me?» And he says: «If imagined, so from both of us».

Says Vladimir, whose door, Tatiana’s husband:

— Discussing what he saw, Tanya and talked until dawn. Tried to find an explanation for what happened. Then throughout the day I thought of our night adventure, joking… it took two or three days, and we became not to jokes. Late in the evening in our room appeared glowing pillar. And all around him were swept some dark silhouettes. They darted there for a long time, crazy long time…


In the morning Volodya says to the hostess: «Yes, you have a pretty small apartment! Whether devils, whether aliens roam through it at night…» He said it with a smile, casual way, as if in jest. Nothing else is added to what is said, no details. And the woman in response to the changed color, and told him about his meeting with two green dwarfs.

Prior to that, she kept quiet about all that had happened that stormy night in her bedroom. And I saw my husband, how striking the coincidence was between our «contact» and the story of the hostess, then all the humor and over… they both groan but to gasp. Agreed that being in different rooms, saw the same thing.

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