Who drove the Americans to the moon?

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In 1996 was published «Lost Space» for the authorship of one of the participants of the project «Apollo» — a certain Dr. Edwin rice, in which rice claimed: during the expedition «Apollo-17» the astronauts were allegedly faced with the unknown inhabitants of the moon who spoke to them in Latin!

Traveling on the «Rover» on the moon surface, the astronauts supposedly met a small domed structure, from which suddenly poured out about a dozen crustacean creatures. The creature did not attempt to attack the lunar Rover, but the Rover has ceased to comply with the astronauts. The situation was tense.

The photo with the landing of Apollo 17

Кто прогнал американцев с Луны?

And in that time near, they heard a clear, sonorous speech in the language, appeared in Latin, which was transferred to Houston, where she was transferred, the astronauts, of course, not possessed the Latin language in volume sufficient for dialogue.

The astronauts said that they invaded someone else’s territory and that they should now get out. Attempts negotiation on the moon the inhabitants -the SELENITES — rejected and only repeated the offer. After that, the control of the «Rover» was restored, and the astronauts hurried to the lunar chamber.

The existence of the moon the SELENITES immediately, it was announced in the US state secret. Felt that dissemination of information can lead to unpredictable consequences, up to the collapse of the state apparatus. The news about a certain supercivilization, which is very close, can cause panic, fear and, in any case, the inferiority complex.

The return of «Apollo 17″on the Ground went well, but the question arose — what to do next? Who, exactly, they met on the moon — with true SELENITES, with aliens from other worlds, or maybe Russian? The latter initially seemed the most likely: a Russian-de created on the moon their secret colony. However, the analysis of the treatment of the SELENITES showed that it was not uttered by the human throat. The engine sound?

Urgently prepared intelligence apparatus «lunar Scout», which was secretly launched to the moon in the spring of 1973. Lander station landed near the landing of «Apollo-17». «Scout» went to a famous place, the orbital compartment has reached a high selenocentric orbit and watched the planet’s surface, using the equipment used for intelligence purposes above the Ground.

«Scout» has not reached the destination — way communication with him was interrupted. The orbital module is transmitted to Earth a coded signal: «the moon Landing is prohibited. Proof of the strength will follow at 15.00 GMT» — was further specified coordinates of one of the national parks.

At the appointed time expecting anything — a fire, explosion, storm. But it happened completely different. On a four-hectare area all the trees have lost first small branches, then large, and leaving only bare trunks.

Кто прогнал американцев с Луны?

The experts agreed that have seen the use of gravity weapons. Had to recognize the extraterrestrial origin of civilization of the SELENITES. And also the fact that this civilization may present himself for the Earth’s impending danger.

Analysts from various agencies to develop a scenario of interplanetary conflict — and all agreed on the opinion that conflict should be avoided by all possible means. The behavior of the SELENITES suggests that this is civilization, a closed, not seeking to establish contacts and ready to defend their territory. How advanced is unknown, but the ability demonstrated by the SELENITES, forced to act with extreme caution. In the first place — no provoking movements.

The Americans left the moon.

However, needed a pretext to collapse the lunar programs, and found it quickly — Luna-de is of no interest to spend taxpayers ‘ money does not need it.

It was also held contacts with the Russians. It turned out that they were faced with the problem of the SELENITES.

Experimental flight «Apollo — Soyuz» implemented in the summer of 1975, had a political significance — the two space powers have shown that they are ready for unity before a potential external threat.

Edwin rice had a reputation as a serious man, not inclined hoaxes. Indirect confirmation of his words is that the US and USSR from the mid 1970-ies actually closed the lunar program.

The modern development and technologies, and Economics allows you to set goals, much larger than just the study of the surface of the moon. Colonization of the moon — that’s worthy of the XXI century challenge. But the US government, not batting an eye spending on the Iraqi campaign tens and tens of billions of dollars, shows a strange stinginess when it comes to the renewal of the lunar expeditions.

The strangeness of this is quite understandable, if the testimony of countrymen involved in the lunar programme and the work of the rice to find reliable, true.

Who are the SELENITES? Why they communicate with the dead, Latin language of political correctness so as not to show preference to any of the existing countries? Or they have had past contacts with the Roman Empire and, therefore, able to land on the Ground?

Or a Roman, and before that ancient Greek mythology has a basis of real events and divine Pantheon of ancient supercivilization has described the ancient mind?

Or their agents are among us now?

And then there is two questions.

First: is modern civilization on earth civilization is mostly careless? We declare ourselves to the entire Universe in a loud voice: every day, thousands and thousands of transmitters radiate in all directions, including into space, information about our civilization. Sooner or later this information can reach the civilizations of predators. Are we ready for their arrival?

Second: if SELENITES do exist, does this mean that the rest of the planet occupied by inhabitants jealously guard their territory? Probably they, like the SELENITES, do not constantly control every meter of the surface of its planets — as, indeed, do not control the Land and we. But when the machine goes directly into the populated area, he may be subjected to attack.

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