The phenomenon of «skin vision»

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The ability to perceive many different skin colors, and to read written is another mystery and the mystery of human consciousness.

The Gift Of Roses Kuleshova

Most clearly this phenomenon is manifested in Rosa Kuleshova (1940-1978). The unique ability of R. Kuleshova has undergone the most thorough study of Soviet scientists. An unambiguous conclusion about the reality of the phenomenon of numerous commissions did not.

However, it is impossible to explain all the manifestations of the phenomenon of Rosa Kuleshova only one desire to become famous. Publications and reports about her were often unfriendly. Some publications have described cases where the owner of rare abilities was carried out by direct spying for the objects which she had to identify with the help of the skin.

Феномен "кожного зрения"

In these revelatory publications, unfortunately, was not taken into account the psychological fact that the opened front kuleshovoj the possibility of making music, fame demanded a high level of relevant body systems. However, the level of this, as you know, fluctuates. And man to uphold his prestige can go on a primitive tricks.

Worldwide known Moscow specialist in the psychophysiology of color vision Professor E. B. Rabkin conducted an experiment that conclusively confirmed the capacity of Rose Kuleshova distinguish colors with the fingertips.

Was created by a special device, a viewing tube which can be enjoyed rays of any wavelengths of the visible spectrum. The wavelength was changed with the help of special handles with appropriate marks. Moreover, the testing of color vision by E. B. Rabkin spectrohelioscope can be carried out in such a way that the subject does not know which wavelength is set by the experimenter.

The observation pipe spectrohelioscope ends with the eyepiece, the diameter of which is so small that it can be completely covered by the tip of your index finger. In the experiments E. B. Rabkin with Rosa Kuleshova, instead of looking into the eyepiece, the subject closed his index finger.

Eyes of the Roses were, of course, tied, and see the feed through the device color was just clinging the eye to the eyepiece. Sam Rabkin installed on the handles outside the zone of vision of the test, different wavelengths, and asked Rose what color she sees.

The result of this experiment was a Protocol made so that one column contained a designation of the wavelengths in the sequence of their presentation and the other call a Rose by any visible color. In the Protocol there was not a single mistake. This experiment left no doubt that the so-called «skin vision» actually exists.

Феномен "кожного зрения"

Interestingly, Rosa Kuleshova acquired their skills consciously. In fact, she was in training. It happened at boarding school for the blind where she worked. She found it interesting reading the blind special text, and she decided to learn to read plain text using your fingers.

It can be assumed that she possessed some ability in this regard and, in particular, high skin sensitivity on the basis of which the mastery of skill «skin vision» occurred much faster than other people.

Perhaps this was facilitated by the properties of the nervous system that were associated with her underlying disease is epilepsy. Anyway, when Rosa Kuleshova fell into the hands of researchers, her phenomenal ability to «see skin» was at a high level and it is formed to study this ability was not required any special training.

The phenomenon of «skin» is widely described — and not only in the experiments with Rosa Kuleshova. Currently, psychologists work with blind people, teaching them drawing. Especially good results in the work show children. According to them, each color brings its own amount of heat and energy.

Other ones

Long before the 60-ies of the last century in different countries there have been cases when people could «see» not only with the eyes. There are also surveillance experts, and the results of these observations are widely known.

The first white people landed on the Islands of Samoa, was skeptical about the persistent stories of the natives that they have some blind «see» with the skin. As evidence of the natives led to several white blind, who described the appearance of the aliens. «Just another trick of the treacherous natives» — decided for themselves the all-knowing white.

About the capabilities of blind natives had made entries in the ship’s journals, memoranda to the Admiralty of France, in the reports to the king, but nobody noticed. There are only authentic documents — logbooks, memoranda, written eyewitness accounts stored in archives and showing that some of the inhabitants of Samoa could really «see» not with the eyes.

In France, shortly after the end of the First world war, Dr. Jules Romain, who by chance managed to read some testimonies about people who can «see» without his eyes, performed a series of experiments to see for yourself how true these documents. The results of the experiments proved so interesting that he decided to continue the experiments, and then worked for many years.

Patiently examining hundreds of the blind, Dr. Roman found that some of them can differentiate between light and shadow, some can distinguish the color of the touch objects, and some could almost «see» their surroundings.

As a result of multiple experiments Romaine found that some of the patients had photosensitivity on small areas of the skin. Among them were those in which the greatest sensitivity is possessed fingertips, there were those who saw the skin of the cheek, nose.

However, the behavior of patients on the sessions on different days was different — the day after brilliantly conducted the experiment, the patient could either little to distinguish colors or completely ceased «to see»; everything depended on his emotional and physical condition.

Dr. Romain has happened to conduct his experiments in the presence of such well-known (and configured extremely skeptical) witnesses, as Anatole France, who, as he himself recognized, came to laugh, and went away stunned by what they saw.

The explanation of the events at Dr. Roman was, of course, in the spirit of scientific views. He was sure that «see» without eyes it is possible due to the presence in the skin microscopic nerve endings — obscure discs Ranvier. These nerve endings are believed Dr. Roman, in the process of evolution could turn into a complicated form of pseudosolenia.

Finished his work Romain in 1924. Scientist colleagues rejected his reports and surveys as «unscientific» and «incomprehensible» and took a wait and see attitude «wait and see».

Long-term experiments of Dr. Roman in any way, in turn, cannot be considered as the first attempts of physicians to understand the ability of individuals to «see» the skin. The famous neurologist and psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso is also not passed on this phenomenon. About his experiences on the study of this mystery he wrote in the book «And what happens after death?»

In this book he described the case of a 14-year-old girl, in all respects healthy and normal. Suddenly she appeared and began to progress the symptoms of hysteria. The treatment did not help, her health was rapidly deteriorating — from indigestion and vomiting to a complete inability to eat, rapid weight loss to convulsions.

Феномен "кожного зрения"

Three months later the girl became blind. While she developed an amazing ability to «see» without his eyes. As a result of research conducted by Dr. Lombroso and the family doctor, it was found that «sees» the girl in the nose and the lobe of the left ear. To exclude the possibility of peeping, the doctors closed her eyes tight bandage and placed objects at such an angle that completely eliminates the ability to see through their eyes.

Despite this, the girl could read show her the texts, described imposed on her subjects, determined by their color. Subsequently, thanks to the efforts of doctors she recovered and an amazing ability to «see» without using her eyes disappeared. Her eyesight, however, not fully recovered, she saw bad.

In 1808, in Lyon, a neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Petetin published in the newspaper «electricité animal» message on his observation of eight women who, in varying degrees, can «see» the tips of the fingers, and one of them «saw» the area of the skin of the abdomen in the area of the solar plexus.

In 1956, in Scotland neurologist Carp Koenig from Kamchia watched the blind boy who could «see» objects, to distinguish the color of the skin of the hands and face.

In 1957 the publishing house «Atlantic-little, brown» was released the book «Face to face». Its author, a young Indian ved Mehta, talks about himself. In the three years of age he contracted meningitis and became blind. But later he appeared and developed the ability to «see» the surrounding environment through the skin of the forehead. The «saw» he’s pretty good, so that I could safely ride a bike on crowded city streets.

He then became a student of the College of the United States, where frequently quarreled with the administration, insisting that he, like all blind, carried a white cane, which, as he said, it is not needed. It is known that he graduated from College, has biked across America, many went to walking without any help.

He was repeatedly subjected to medical examinations, and the fact of his total blindness on both surface was confirmed by a variety of professionals who have determined that «sees» it, except for the face and forehead, and the skin of the palms and tips of the fingers.

In 1960, the medical Commission at the Administrative center veterans village of Ellerson, Virginia, turned a warehouse worker salvage yard local train company Mr. FUS. He told the doctors about his daughter, who could see with a blindfold on.

He often had to watch the children play hide and seek, and he noticed that some children are blindfolded better than any other landmark, successfully avoiding collisions with large objects, such as trees. His daughter Margaret, while playing with other children, so successfully avoided obstacles with a blindfold and found his target, at first the Mr. FUS even suspect that she’s peeking from under the bandage or through it.

Then he personally put a tight bandage on her eyes, but Margaret still continued to «see» their environment, than was terribly interested in my father. Some other children seemed possessed such abilities, but not as much as Margaret. And then the father, the railroad, far from the medicine man, decided to further develop the ability Margaret «see» without his eyes.

He began to train her daughter, tied her eyes and tried to convince me that she will see and so, and asked to believe in their own abilities. After three weeks of daily training, the girl learned to distinguish large objects — tables, chairs, doors, and then the little books, watches, hats, stacks of paper. Soon she began to identify the color of objects, pattern tissue, and then to read the texts.

Феномен "кожного зрения"

However, the last long-she could not, she could not «focus» on the lines. Then the father resorted to a trick: he told her that the lines obscure the smoke, which should «blow off». Margaret and received, and, to the great astonishment of the father and of the girl, this problem has been solved — she was able to read newspaper text blindfolded.

To say that doctors immediately reacted to the story of Mr. Fusa with distrust and doubt of the feasibility studies — to say nothing. This story seemed ridiculous. But in the end, Mr. fusa was able to convince the doctors to look at the girl, and they invited all of their experimental conditions.

They fastened Margaret’s eyes as considered necessary. The blindfold was not just a regular cotton swabs and bandages, but also of special adhesive tape applied as an overlay bandage in several rows, to eliminate any possibility of peeping.

In these conditions Margaret FUS surprised experimenters. She read random passages from the Bible, excerpts from Newspapers and magazines, determined the colors and described the pictures in various brochures, playing checkers and was called any doctors placed her items. Present at the experiments of a famous columnist drew Pearson wrote then in the newspaper about how one of the doctors-experts said there may be a need to revise the existing theory of vision. But, apparently, this time, scientists have used the principle of «Occam’s razor».

In 1964 the magazine «Time» published an article by an American Professor of psychology R. Utca on the results of experiments with 28-year-old P. Stanley, is able to determine the color of the fingers even after worn on hands black rubber gloves, and the experiments were managed in the dark and under illumination of the object with infrared rays.

In 1984 in the Italian medical journal «Dzheneral’ del Academic de Medici» published a report on the observation of a group of doctors one of the village girls 14 years, which began to happen anxiety. After the seizure she fell into a somnambulistic state and was able with the help of hands skin, with a blindfold to distinguish colors of objects, cloth tapes, color reproductions.

In 1986, on national television was shown a documentary film «the Touch» is about a blind and deaf Alexander Suvorov. Diagnosis — total deafblindness. Sounds scary. But Suvorov «sees» — not absolutely, but enough to freely navigate in the environment. «See,» he began after several years of training with Ju-Noi, although the doctors clearly confirm the fact that he is blind, i.e. eyes he still sees nothing.

Hypotheses with which researchers try to explain the essence of the phenomenon of «skin», a lot. Among them are purely physiological, explaining the ability to «see» without his eyes on the skin of a person with sensors taking in a certain situation the function of the eye.

The telepathic hypothesis explains this phenomenon by the fact that «seeing» is not with the eyes of the person receives information about the world around him from other people via telepathy. The hypothesis of clairvoyance involves obtaining information directly from the universal energy-field with a body called the «third eye».

There is a hypothesis that explains the ability some people have existing or past disease of the Central nervous system. Due to such disease the person begins to «see» through the eyes of his energy double — double, which at the moment of clinical death of a person separates from the physical body and gives the dying the opportunity to see yourself from the outside.

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