«White noise» and negotiations with the world of the dead

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In January 2005, the screens out the film «White noise», dedicated to the still little-studied phenomenon — the so-called electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP. It lies in the fact that sometimes on the radio among the hiss, which is called «white noise», you can hear voices and sounds of unknown origin.

Sometimes signals of unknown nature in the form of a strange ghostly entities appear on the TV screen. In the film, Michael Keaton plays Jonathan rivers, whose wife Linda died under mysterious circumstances. Soon Jonathan meets a man who claims that it can receive messages from the dead, including from Linda. The inconsolable widower asks to associate it with a dead wife and soon meet with the EVP.

«Белый шум» и переговоры с миром мертвых

This phenomenon has long been interested in famous scientists. 30 October 1920 in the regular issue of the scientific journal Scientific American famous inventor Thomas Edison wrote: «If the identity or what we call the soul continues to live after death, it is natural to assume that she would like to communicate with those who are left here on earth. I think that it is possible to create a tool that will record the otherworldly message».

Some biographers of Edison think he was trying to create such a device, although no evidence for this. Marconi and Tesla also had expressed serious interest in creating technologies to communicate with the spirit world.

For the first time about the phenomenon of EVP began in the 30-ies of XX century. Then the Swedish and Norwegian military pilots during training flights I heard an unidentified voice on the radio. Wrote about it in the Newspapers.

In 1930, in London’s Wigmore Hall, hundreds of people witnessed the unusual phenomenon. The presentation hasn’t started yet. On the stage was a microphone, about which nobody. Suddenly, from loudspeakers installed in different parts of the hall, wired with a microphone, he heard some loud voices, speaking different languages. The engineers who serviced the event, and later are unable to explain what had happened.

In 1949, in Manchester, at the International Congress of the organization of the spiritualists of the Dutch engineer Zwaan demonstrated a device he created that can capture and reproduce the voices of dead people.

In 1952 in Milan, two priests were set in the Church the loudspeaker, so all the parishioners could hear the mass. Suddenly, the loudspeaker hiss, and then there was heard: «I am always with you and will help you!» Both witnesses unusual phenomena recognized the voice of the recently deceased father of one of the priests.

In 1959, producer of documentaries Friedrich Jurgenson was recording in the woods, the birds ‘ voices. He was amazed to find that the recording of the voices of birds are superimposed on another record. A man talked knowledgeably about the habits of birds. Jurgenson decided that somehow recorded a radio program devoted to birds.

«Белый шум» и переговоры с миром мертвых

But when it few weeks listened to the same recording, the voice of reason was no longer there. Instead, Jurgenson called the excited voice of the mother: «Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me?!» Friedel’s mother was named Jurgenson in childhood.

After that, the producer was able to record several unknown voices that spoke different languages. Jurgenson worked on the problem together with Dr. Hans Bender, head of the Department of parapsychology Frejburgskuû University.

In 1965 Dr. Konstantin Raudive, the famous psychologist and disciple of Carl Jung, met with Urgence by and convinced of the existence of EVP, became interested in the study of this phenomenon. Rawdev attracted to the work of physicists and electronic engineers created a receiver in which the basic element is a pure crystal.

The receiver was called a goniometer. With the help of goniometer Raudive recorded thousands of supernatural voices and in 1968 issued a report on his research, translated into several languages.

In those same years, American businessman George meek sponsored a similar project in the United States. Engineer bill O’neill, who previously worked at NASA, designed a device to communicate with the spirit world, called spiricom. In 1981, O’neill died in strange circumstances, and spiricom gone.

By the time the EVP intrigued people around the world. In Britain, two researchers, George Bonner and Raymond Cass, experimenting with reel-to-reel tape recorder, made «white noise» to act as the carrier of the votes.

Bonner asked into the microphone: «can Anyone hear me?» A minute later, the tape came the reply: «Yes!» Bonner office has recorded tens of thousands of other votes for twenty-two years.

Despite the large number of experimental results, one of the researchers still could not explain EVP. Later this concept was expanded, and a new term, instrumental transcommunication, which also includes the beyond phone calls, ghostly recordings on VCRs and mysterious messages on personal computers.

In 1982 in the UK, there is a society of enthusiasts these phenomena — Association instrumental transcommunication. The leader of the company is Judith Chisholm. Her fascination with EVP began with a very curious case.

In 1999, she bought a tape recorder and found that he does not play her music. In frustration, she cursed: «These idiots at the store sold me a defective product!» Suddenly the tape where no sound is spinning a film with recorded music, came alive and said: «do Not return the tape to the store.»

Miss Chisholm was surprised to recognize the voice of his colleague and friend, who died a few years ago. «Jack, is that you?» — quietly dared to ask Judit. «I am, baby. I’ll help you,» he heard from the tape recorder.

Since Edith was worth to turn the tape on, they started to talk to her or among themselves. «They» — the disembodied voices. Some Judith learned — it was her dead relatives and friends. Some voices could not read, others spoke in foreign languages. Sometimes the relationship was bilateral, and Judith could communicate with departed friends. Sometimes they answered questions, did not seem to hear her, or talked among themselves.

In the music library, miss Chisholm has about a thousand recordings of the voices of spirits. Judith frequently travels the world and speaks at seminars organized paranormal societies in different countries. Its a wonderful tape recorder always with her.

Miss Chisholm and other enthusiasts of electronic voice phenomena is trying to bring to their research specialists — physicists, engineers, psychologists. The goal is the solution of the phenomenon of instrumental transcommunication and the creation of a universal instrument, with which anyone could communicate with deceased loved ones.

But here’s the weird thing: every third message there is a threat or aggression.

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