The story of American Jane Nelms abduction on her by aliens

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The story of American Jane Nelms abduction on her by aliens. In November 2008, the us TV station KLTV-7 interviewed a resident of Texas, which was abducted by aliens. Presenter — Courtney lane asked Jane Nelms. «I was very scared, said Jane. — As soon as the Sun was going down, I already knew they’ll be here…»

Рассказ американки Джейн Нелмс о похищении ее пришельцами

During almost whole life she has to deal with nenashensky «visitors» are clearly not humans. She then painted. «That night, the woman says, — they took me with them. I could not move, could not resist. I tried to stop them, grabbing the railing, but they had complete control over me».

One of them said «some very monotone voice: «Jane, it’s time to go.» «I’m not going anywhere!» — said Jane. He said, «But why don’t you come with us?» Jane said I don’t want to do here on Earth, her family, friends. He insisted: «But now it’s your turn to go!»

When she moved to Carrollton, the aliens followed. And began to come to others — her new neighbours. She remembers a terrible, scary phone call from my roommate. The tale La that in her hallway there were three different types of beings, and immediately the fans started to spin in the opposite direction, the lights in the apartment began to blink, and everywhere were flying a small light balls. She told me that one of the creatures was so high I could hardly get in the door.

Those creatures stole her roommate exactly the same as they kidnapped her. But why, why? For scientific research — so it was explained to her. «They investigated and neighbor too. She said that when she was on the UFO, mothership, saw aliens of various species. Some were in civilian dress and, in her words, some of them spoke in other languages. One said she was not going to cause any harm, just want to run some examinations.»

Jane says that the same night she was faced with the same aliens, and she even alleged there was evidence that they were here. «This is the fingerprints on the car». And Nelms shows the TV pictures of all traces of the long, skinny fingers. She says that the fingerprints of the alien, she then erased. And it shows how aliens can look in the pictures.

«This alien was in a fetal position, upside down when passed through the window, through solid material. Yes, it is difficult to see… Almost like x-ray…»

Nelms said that then, in order to overcome your fear, she met them. «I went out to the back yard and ended in front of one of them, very high, and he had eyes glowing in the dark. He was standing there and I… scan. Don’t know what he was looking for, but I was about 25 feet away. And I said, «Me you do not scare me».

Said that after that, the aliens departed, but not for long…

For many years Jane did not tell anyone about what was happening to her while in Dallas had met with other such like her — a support group for abductees. These people claim that they have experienced something similar.

Now Jane Nelms lives in the Eastern part of Texas, near Winnsboro. But she grew up in England. Then lived in many places and says that the aliens are following her everywhere, even here in Texas.

One of the most interesting meetings happened once it was here, near Winnsboro. That day, she and others from the support group gathered in the neighbor’s house outside the city. «We all saw this brilliant white light, and then two seconds later we saw him from the window. And Wayne cried, «Oh, my God, because they are already at the house!» And then one of the guys goes outside to get out of his car, a pack of cigarettes.

Returns whiter this white paper and without cigarettes, and near it is one of the «gray» little aliens», — continues the story Nelms. And remembers that her husband was at that moment in the backyard, so she went outside to check if he’s okay. «And then suddenly we hear the crunch of branches and boom! And then this sound. «woooooh». And when that ship took off, he cut all these branches off the trees. I returned to the house.»

According to her, that night, the aliens never came inside the house, and just watched the people outside.
But maybe the hardest to believe in that story, what happened to her in the 1980-ies…

«My husband and I have for some time had no close relationship (he was away), and then I suddenly realize that you’re expecting! Four and a half months of this pregnancy were normal. But then me started to happen some strange things. That night I went to bed with the thought that something was wrong: I felt that about someone is home, but didn’t know who it is or what it is. Anyway, I went to sleep pregnant on the period of four months and a half, and I woke up… I had a terrible night, nightmares. Literally nightmares. And I knew when I woke up that morning that I’m not pregnant anymore…»

Nelms sure that baby from her womb has been taken.

Maybe Jane Nelms’t fit the stereotype of a man who says, though close faced with UFOs and aliens. Family her parents were prosperous, his father — an intelligence officer with the RAF, was even knighted by the Queen of England for loyal service to his country. Jane lived in many places around the world, and then settled in East Texas with her husband. She kept a diary about his meetings with aliens and maybe ever going to publish them.

But of course, everyone has the right to decide whether to believe all these stories. Jane herself was so sure of the authenticity of what says happy to be tested on a lie detector. As for the skeptics, then, as Jane said, it would be enough to stay with her in the house one night…

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