The driver in the mountains of new Mexico has witnessed the emergence of UFO

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The driver in the mountains of new Mexico witnessed a UFO. MUFON is constantly receiving materials from people colliding with alien ships and their crews. Now the staff received a report from new Mexico where the driver in the mountains has witnessed the appearance of UFOs.

Водитель в горах Нью-Мексико стал свидетелем появления НЛО

He was driving home and noticed a Spike of Rock, with an unusual natural form. The American decided to capture this sight on camera, despite the cold weather. After a few photos, the man went to transport, but suddenly something made him stop.

Surprised when the man turned to the side of the mountain, there were flying huge UFO, which is able to capture. Then he decided to send pictures to the experts and publish it on the web, but also said that had never seen the alien ships.

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