Received new satellite pictures amazing water city of Nan-Madol

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Nan-Madol is an archipelago and a unique ancient town in the Pacific ocean near the Micronesian state of Pohnpei. It is a set of artificial Islands made of basalt and coral blocks. On the Islands, connected by a complex system of channels, you can find the ruins of stone houses, palaces, tombs and temples, built between 1200 and 1500 years of our era. Then Nan-Madol was the capital of the local dynasty of Saunterer.

Получены новые спутниковые фото удивительного водного города Нан-Мадола

Recently the so-called «Pacific Venice», having a size of new York, was re-photographed from the satellite. Include the following video, you can see these pictures with their own eyes. The author of the project Dr. Patrick hunt, an archaeologist working at Stanford University, has repeatedly asked his colleagues from all over the world the question: why an ancient civilization it took to build a city in the middle of the ocean, far from other civilizations? Unfortunately, the answer to this question has not been found so far…

Video: you’ve got a satellite photo of amazing water city of Nan-Madol

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