There is a new sect that worships artificial intelligence

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Andrew Lewandowski, a former lead engineer of Google, though the real fame he brought not the position and the judicial scandal surrounding his estate, when he was accused of transferring the latest developments Waymo Uber.

Появилась новая секта, которая поклоняется искусственному интеллекту

These lawsuits continue to this day, although the noise near scandalous case gradually fades, which apparently, is not included in the plans of Andrew Lewandowski, why he decided osnovatel new religious movement is practically a cult, adherents of which worship the artificial intelligence.

And that is a very modern. As we know, religion in all times was the instrument of power on Earth, but not the conductors of the influence of a Higher power. And therefore reflects all the religions of the earthly life, for example, the beliefs of the nomads in ancient times, differed from religious beliefs gatherers or farmers, and certainly no comparison was not with the religion, say, Sumerians or ancient Egyptians.

And the fact that today someone will come to mind to worship, the AI, in General, is quite clear – people at all times bowed his head before the forces that he did not understand and feared. It turns out that a former engineer Andrew Lewandowski afraid of artificial intelligence, gathering under the wing of her new sect of everyone to the accelerated development of AI in recent years are seriously alarming and even frightening. I think that such people will be many.

Moreover, the adherents of the new religious movements are not against artificial intelligence, as some scientists, for example, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, on the contrary, they welcome its rapid development. But they want to make him God, and be his best.

It turns out that Andrew Lewandowski practically calls in advance to submit to artificial intelligence because, in his opinion, only this will harmoniously coexist with it, without leading to war, so vividly shown in many science fiction films such as «terminator», «the Matrix» and so on.

However, the new sect yet known very little, quite possibly, the goal Lewandowski – not so much to promote a new religion as to rise on this wave. After all, most leaders of sects do, because they are driven by excessive vanity and lust for power, but not spirituality…

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