Cooked «fish zombie» continued to flutter in a Chinese restaurant

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Приготовленная «рыба-зомби» продолжала трепыхаться в китайском ресторане

Can zombies or the living dead, to become not a man, but the ordinary fish? Many users of the world wide web believe it when I saw the following entry. It shows fried deep-fried fish, which, however, continues to flutter on a tray in one of the Chinese restaurants. This happened a few days ago in Hengyang of Hunan province .

Inexplicable and eerie sight puzzled even the most experienced chefs, who hastened to take it on video and upload the resulting video to the Internet. It is reported that the fish was gutted and deep-fried in oil, however, continued to behave as if alive. Of course, it is foolish to assume that the former sea creatures were still alive and suffering in the pan, but how else to explain what happened? Absurd and frightening look would be sausage only, began to convulsively in the restaurant fridge.

When the record came in a large Chinese social network «Sina Weibo», it has collected millions of views and thousands of comments. Many Internet users felt that it really is about zombies and «kill» the evil fish is only possible by cutting off her head. While there is meat, according to the Chinese, in any case can not be otherwise possible and to turn into the walking dead. Fate sinister dishes with «fish zombie», unfortunately, is not known.

Video: Cooked «fish zombie» continued to flutter in a Chinese restaurant

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