The aliens have set an appointment

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Инопланетянам назначили время встречи

Researchers «NASA» in the answers to the questions of the users of the website Reddit has been named the approximate time of human civilization in once, opens alien life. This should already be implemented in the coming decades.

Scientist from «NASA» on behalf of Tony del Genio says that life outside of our planet, earthlings will be able to find 20 years later. This was stated by a famous TV channel «360». A colleague of the scientist, whose name is Andrew rushby, is present even in some of the expectations that alien beings people will be able to find in our Solar system. Apparently, this refers to the microorganisms that appeared in the satellite gas giants or other secluded places in the middle of outer space.

However, scientists are searching for more complex shapes, which experts used a special methodology. It is generally accepted that all sorts of life forms found throughout the Universe one of the principles must be similar to those that have been formed on Earth. It says that the conditions allowing them to emerge, must also be similar.

An important role has fallen to the position of the potential so-called «cradle of extraterrestrial life» relative to the sun. To attract interest among scientists the planet will need to be on so far and not too close distance from the sun. It is desirable if the water there has the ability to stay in three States of aggregation, not only in the form of ice and steam.

Not least, what is the size of the planet itself. Too small of a space object will not be able to keep the atmosphere, and if the body is critically large, there arise such a force of a stretch that complex life forms can’t move. In spite of such a cruel selection criteria scientists have already been found in the Universe a significant number of exoplanets, where there is a possibility of the origin of life.

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