A black hole ready to destroy the Earth?

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While many alternative explored trumpeting approaching us mysterious Nibiru also known as planet X, other experts say that fear of humanity is something else.

Черная дыра готова уничтожить Землю?

According to these experts, in the vicinity of the Solar system is a black hole ready to destroy our Land. Astronomers have no idea what are the chances of the destruction, however, warn that such a danger exists and it is more real than mystical Nibiru.

Black holes with stellar mass are completely invisible. They are able to absorb everything in its path. The gravitational pull of a black hole how enormous that to leave this area of space-time is not even the objects that are moving at the speed of light, including the light quanta. The researchers are convinced that this deadly black hole is close to our planetary system.

Experts explain that although you can see a black hole is impossible, it can be determined by gravitational anomalies. For example, when the stellar rays changing its trajectory and curve in space. Such variances, scientists have discovered in the beginning of the month, finding that they created a black hole. Despite the fact that to learn its dimensions are not possible, experts report that even a small black hole is able to fully absorb our «blue ball» when the physical object starts closer to the Sun.

However, experts of the space did not really know what’s going to happen? For example, it is believed that through the black hole matter is just in a different Universe, but because of how this passage would be detrimental to our planet, no one knows, maybe we’ll barely notice. Or – almost nothing…


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