Traces of life: who are the immigrants from Mars?

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Следы жизни: кто они – переселенцы с Марса?

A cursory glance at the world

Mars is the closest neighbor of the Earth among the planetary members of our solar system. Making their endless path around the Sun, both space wanderer continuously rotate along closed elliptical orbits, making the annual cycle, and the astronomical Martian year is approximately two times larger than the earth. Rushing in the silent blackness, orbital neighbors can go extraordinary distances, but every 780 earth days come closer again. This period, lasting no more than three months, called «confrontation». And astronomers on Earth look forward to those moments to cling to their telescopes, hoping to unravel the mysteries of Mars – the mysterious red dot in the depth of the space.

The great confrontation, the frequency of which is an average of about 16 years, for centuries, has awakened in simple uneducated people the sense of vague anxiety. And the bloody disc for a time becoming the brightest in the sky, caused ancient man unpleasant associations. It was said that in ancient times the planet was considered a harbinger of war. Bleak, brutal and bloody battle of the Nations in the world occurred in this period.

Now, Mars is associated with the hopes of humanity, waiting approximations of planets to reach its limits. And the dream to conquer and master the mysterious island of the cosmos without leaving the earth. European countries, USA and Russia planned a similar flight times. For example, the Soviet Union has appointed the launch of the spacecraft operating on solar energy in June 1971, but for many reasons, this project was never implemented.

The first in the history of civilization manned mission, preparations for which are conducted in the Netherlands, according to plans, will take place in 2023. The Mars One project is waiting for its heroes. And they are, if all goes well, will take on the red ground of the unknown planet. Only the return trip is not planned. A rocket with four people on Board, will go to Mars with no way back. With reserves of water, food and air, the crew members will be looking for traces of extraterrestrial life.

Anticipated considerable difficulties. And no one yet knows whether the effort, costs and human casualties of the information that will open the earthlings unknown world of the boundless Universe. After all, what essentially is the Earth’s civilization to date, to oppose the cruel silent space, even with the latest technical equipment? Own view of the world and surface vision, able to perceive only a two-dimensional essence of things without looking deeper. I can see the messengers of the Earth? Only a small part of a huge world.

On the short leg with the aliens

But not everything is so hopeless and bleak. In fact, mankind has already come into contact with the settlers of Mars, having received from them some very valuable information. But who are these aliens? The Martian meteorites.

This is a very rare type of cosmic bodies, visiting old Ground. One only has to notice that according to statistics from seven hundred meteorites, has reached the limits of our planet, only one has a Martian origin. The researchers determined this by examining the isotopic composition of the gases contained in the thickness of these bodies, though in the most microscopic proportions. The data are compared with the composition of the atmosphere of the red planet, known thanks to data obtained from spacecraft Viking.

The first meteorite of this kind, discovered in the deserts of Egypt a century ago, received the name Nahla. His age was determined a billion years. With the development of science, he was able to tell scientists its an amazing story about the cataclysm on Mars that occurred in that distant era. It is difficult to understand whether the cause of the accident is another meteorite, an asteroid of enormous size or the great power of the volcanic eruption became a nightmare for distant from us in time and space, microcosm. However, the force of the explosion, which became the reason for the relocation of the «alien» on Earth was so huge that this piece of the Martian crust overcame the gravity of their native planet and at a speed exceeding 5 km/h flew to the Ground.

Millennia of dispersion

According to science, every year our planet gets about half a ton of Martian rocks. Not necessarily, and even it is highly unlikely that they immediately fly to the Ground. Most often, before to be on the surface of an alien celestial bodies, these fragments of Mars thousands of years wandering in the cosmic void, yet do not fall under the gravitational influence of any massive education.

Traveling thus, meteorites are subjected to very intense bombardment with particles from the Sun. While there are special isotopes. Later, getting into the field of vision of scientists like physical education help to accurately determine the time interval spent in space these bodies, which becomes another source of data.

A new sensation was found in July 2011, a fragment of Martian rock, a fragment of a meteorite, called Tissint. This traveler before reaching the ends of the Earth, wandering in the space of about seven hundred thousand years. The analysis of its composition has led scientists to a sensational conclusion on the possibility of the emergence and subsequent existence on Mars of certain organic life forms.

The earth messengers

Most meteorites leave their original location, you can say, their thousands of years of space, because of the impact on the surface of planets that fall into their field of attraction, the imposing mass of cosmic bodies. A large object when falling emboss different sized fragments of rocks, which scatter in different directions, like water splashing.

The described mechanisms work, of course, not only on Mars but on the moon and, of course, on Earth. Therefore, theoretically it is very likely that the particles of our soil fall on Mars, moreover, be in the incredibly distant reaches of outer space, bearing in itself the information. They are quite capable to report information about us and our history representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. If only there was a reasonable witness to countless in my infinite number of Islands of space.

According to the scientist Philippe Gillet, according to the law of physics, the fragments of the earth’s soil can go to other planets even more often than we fly in the Martian meteorites. After all, the difference in the mass of data of space objects is significant. Earth as physical education, far more massive. So intense attract other objects that are in the fall and a significant power impact to provoke the contact with the earth fragments into space.

According to astronomers, the Earth is annually being captured in its gravity a huge amount of space of the «Wanderers». The largest of them having a diameter of more than hundreds of meters, falling on our planet only once in millions of years. Such a fall represents for the terrestrial microcosm are the real disaster. One of them was the body with the ten dimensions, put an end to the era of the dinosaurs, triggering global climate changes and conditions of life on Earth.

Without a doubt, earth fragments, formed at that period, still wandering in space, bringing valuable information. Data «message» is a story about that era, information about the place and time of the disaster, which was the reason of their travels in space exile. They are also able to tell all interested persons know about the existence of life on Earth. We can only guess or to write fiction novels about that they could or might happen.

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