The mystery of the Chinese wild man

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For many centuries Chinese peasants faced with an unusual creature, which they called «Yeren». Yeren, or Chinese wild man, nearly two meters tall. According to rumors, he is able to make tools and weave baskets. Especially often seen in the Central part of China, but all of these cases remain without attention of scientists.

In the late eighties, six countries, including the UK and the USA, organized a well-equipped expedition and sent it to the sparsely populated forests of China to study the materials and, if lucky, take for analysis any evidence for the existence of the savage Chinese, for example a bundle of his hair.

Тайна китайского дикого человека

The expedition was Professor of anthropology the Ohio state University Jean Poirier and Richard Greenwell. What they found in Chinese forests, was the most extraordinary discovery in their lives. Together with scientists in Central China went independent film crew from London, headed by the Geraldine Easter.

The main proof of the existence of a fellow Himalayan Bigfoot was the hair, selected by the peasants, who saw a strange creature on their land. Scientists from Shanghai’s Fudan University held a series of tests and came to the conclusion that these hairs do not belong to any person or monkey.

Then the evidence was sent to the Ohio state University and the University of Birmingham. The results of the analysis conducted by the staff of the Department of space studies and physics under the guidance of Dr. Ranjit Sohi, allegedly confirmed the findings of the Chinese scientists. The hair belonged to a creature that was neither man nor monkey. It was a direct proof of the existence of Chinese savage.

Opening in Central China has led to the conclusion that the mysterious creature called gigantopithecus existed and, as scientists believe, long before the advent of man, able to survive in extremely remote from civilization areas.

In different places in China, Vietnam and India was discovered jaws and teeth of this ancient «man-monkeys». Geraldine Ister says: «China is a savage creature about which we know nothing, or gigantopithecus that somehow one managed to avoid extinction in these areas. He was a contemporary of bears pandas, pandas survived.» During the expedition were collected eyewitness accounts.

On the morning of 19 June 1976 Gong Yulan, living in the village Qunli, went with a small child in the mountains to cut grass for pigs. Passing between the two slopes, she saw six or seven meters from her brown creature, resembling a man scratching his back on tree. It was tall, around 180 cm, and hairy. Noticing a woman with a child, a strange creature rushed to him. Gong scared quickly fled.

Тайна китайского дикого человека

When researchers showed her a photo of an orangutan in a vertical position, chime said: «He is very like him.» Looking at the photos of the bear, she shook her head.

Ms. Kokyang, the cattle of Chilonga, County Fangshan, describes a meeting with a mysterious creature:

«June 16, 1974, I was herding the bulls on the mountain pastures Longdong. Suddenly, from the bushes jumped a creature that looks like a man, but covered with brown fur. I sent him the gun, but it grabbed the barrel. I tried to snatch the gun, but the savage held it very tight. Then I took a wild shot and missed.

The creature ferociously snarled, assumed a threatening grimace and exposing yellow teeth. The teeth were like that of a man, only a little wider. Fear paralyzed me. And then one of my bulls, who previously attacked people, menacingly bellowed and rushed the creature. It got scared and ran away.»

In the mountains of the Kuen-LUN in the North-Western China in the early 1950 Fan Jindan working as part of a geological party. There, he met locals who not only saw, but even fed the savages. Fan persuaded an old man to show him these amazing creatures. Here is his story:

«The creature came from the forest. It was a female with minimum height 160 cm with a calf. Probably because before she didn’t see me, the savage looked at me with some apprehension. And cub, as usual, ran up to the man to take his chestnuts. Fearing the presence of another person, the mother immediately withdrew him, and they left. Her voice remotely resembled the cry not of a horse, not a donkey».

Тайна китайского дикого человека

Witness Eugene Zhang from the village of Hongta told the researchers about a crying savage:

«When I was eighteen, I served in the Kuomintang army. In the spring of 1943 our group was sent to hunt. In the mountains we came across a house. His owner told us that in the mountains behind the house, someone screams horribly. The district commandant, who headed our group, ordered us to surround the place. When we arrived, we saw two strange creatures.

One of them was sitting on the ground crying. Another went around the first and occasionally stroking it. We’ve been watching them, and then opened fire. The savage, that went, immediately ran away and the other fell down dead. After inspecting it, we discovered it was a male the size of a man and covered with hair.»

Preserved another story about a crying savage. It told Liu Jiquan:

«It happened in 1942. I was 13 years old. I went to downtown to see these amazing beasts caught by soldiers mindanawan and chained. There were two of them, male and female. The skin color of the savages seemed to be reddish in comparison with the human, with their shoulders hung down hair. The male rolled down his cheeks the tears, and the female consoled him, patting on the back».

Of course, to believe these stories difficult. Most of the witnesses — the villagers, and narrated their cases happened a long time ago. In our time scientists Gradanskog University discovered new evidence confirming the existence of savages: footprints, caves, hair and «nest» — an unusual structure made from intertwined branches. It is assumed that it was the home of savages.

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