In India the baby-mermaid

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23-year-old Indian Miskura Bibi gave birth in early December in a public hospital Deva Sadan, Chittaranjan Hospital in Kolkata. Before the birth she did not attend a consultation, did an ultrasound and therefore do not know the condition of her fetus. Seeing a newborn, she almost fainted from horror.

The woman the baby was born with the so-called mermaid syndrome or sirenomelia and this is only the second known documented case of a child with a similar anomaly in India.

Of mermaid syndrome in a child underdeveloped bones of the pelvis, and both legs are connected to one limb. So as a baby there was no apparent sexual organs, no one can establish what sex they are.

В Индии родился младенец-русалка

The child died four hours after birth due to abnormalities incompatible with life. In infants with this syndrome, a very high percentage of mortality due to immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder and kidneys.

В Индии родился младенец-русалка

The cases of children with this syndrome have lived at least several years, are rare and are the consequence of numerous complex operations. So, American girl Shiloh Pepin, who suffered from sirenomelia, lived for more than 10 years, died in 2009.

In the world known two people who survived the surgery and managed to recover: American Tiffany Yorks (b. 1980 or 1981) undergoing surgery at one year of age, and a resident of Milagros Cerron (b. 2004), which underwent three complicated operations for five years. However, if Tiffany has not learned to walk, Milagros it was.

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