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The forest on the left Bank of the Volga, where is the estate that belonged to the last century A. N. Ostrovsky, has long been considered a place of dark and mysterious. The devil will force the traveler to wander in three pines, Yes, sometimes, for many days, it will lead to the fairy glade and throw. It is in these woods Ivan Susanin ruined a squad of strangers, to encroach on the independence of Russia.

Even still on the right Bank deep in a thicket to go is not recommended. And if you go, for example, mushrooms or berries, the locals suggest to take with you in your pocket a pinch of salt wrapped in paper.

— Once forgot salt, and circling in one place before dark — confessed veteran of these places avid mushroom Vladimir Scherbinin. — And have had to master to bow, damn it. And it can hear cars on the road Novolakskoe noise, and can’t for the life of me.

The owner is the devil. To understand the true meaning Goblin or brownie, frights can only be here — checked.

Аномалии Щелыково

We arrived one day to visit Kineshma and my wife and I went for mushrooms. It was after lunch by any law the time for mushrooms is not quite right. But towards us from the forest back distinct mushroom pickers, and each of them has a good hamper … hats of mushrooms: legs are traditionally neglected.

We entered the forest, like half-an-hour — no mushrooms.

«BA — I think — a ritual-that didn’t keep it! It out.»

— Grandpa! say. Please let in your grove of mushrooms posobirat. We were a little — just two baskets. — Bowed to the ground.

— Come here! shouts the wife.

And I’m tired. Sit, frown: to finish does not. Climbed to her through the thicket. Come, look: glade, all covered with stumps, and each — a huge cap mushrooms. Half an hour later we were both full baskets, and to collect more and couldn’t.

It’s a long saying. And here’s the tale.

On the left Bank, in the wilds, standing next to a few villages, the manor house, Church and cemetery. All of this — the possession of the great Russian playwright, purchased by them and brother with her stepmother after the death of his father, Nikolai Fedorovich. It happened in 1867, and people came here Alexander from 1849, there were doing here were inspired by.

Аномалии Щелыково

Here and wrote his most captivating, the most pagan of the play — tale «the snow maiden». Even then the film was filmed in Shchelykovo: the place is fabulous.

On the edge of Berendeevo glade, where the shooting took place movie, where the playwright reveled in the spectacle of folk festivals rooted in ancient paganism, the Devil is the source of (informal name). With the appearance of a simple spring, the civilized lined mighty frame in the shape of a hexagon.

From the bottom it seems to be hitting the keys: the bottom boils, throwing out a beautiful yellow sand. In the heat you might want to scoop up and drink from the fountain, but to plunge into it.

Officially spring is called the «Blue key» — it is in Arilines valley, in the reserve of the Museum-estate of the great playwright A. N. Ostrovsky Shchelykovo village in Ostrovsky district, Kostroma region. According to legend, the spring was formed at the place where the melted snow maiden, and her tender heart did not die, but continues to beat on the bottom of the «Blue key». The water is salty. Photo:

Аномалии Щелыково

However, to go to the spring alone Oh, how is not recommended. There were times when it wasn’t just drowning, and disappeared people — the great sinners going straight to hell. For sand boils on the bottom of the well: there is direct access to the surface deposits of sulfur purebred!

I sat down on the edge of the frame, looked into the depths — I think a meter and a half to the bottom and drown-that is problematic. As it turns out, the impression is deceptive: the source depth is 12-13 meters. Most likely, 13. And 13 keys constantly catching on the bottom of all the new portions of sulphur. However, the number of emission sometimes suddenly for some unknown reason doubles or triples. If you counted 40 springs, do not believe: they are 39 — the number is always a multiple of 13.

Giant sulfur poisoning of the lens attracts water like a magnet. Let it be with you fellow traveler or the fellow traveler, let time grab you by the skirt, the collar — or death. It happens, and isn’t saved here alone. Sometimes that corpse to catch to bury the body of a Christian, fails: all underworld takes itself — and the soul and the body.

Say that often included here unknown geoenergetics field, repeatedly reinforcing, if you speak the language of physics, the action is familiar to man-made electromagnetic fields. In this clock magical energy is absorbed forest evil, aktiviziruyutsya witches and wizards, and the local hams operating in the VHF range, in which stable radio lasts only 15-20 miles, and you suddenly begin to exchange words with the same Amateur stations around the world:

Thanks to this local features are collected twice a year in Kineshma on their «Sabbath» by black magicians and psychics of the masters in the choice of means.

  • Lost trail
  • Revenge for a dead friend
  • Meeting with the Owner of the forest
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