New cases of mysterious mutilations of sheep marked in India

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Farmers from the Indian district of Nyali reported the discovery of five dead sheep, whose bodies were mysteriously mutilated. All these sheep were killed in three nearby villages in one week.

All sheep were surgically through an incision in the abdomen cut out the liver and next to the dead bodies in the soft clay had traces that were impossible to identify. They do not belong to the people or known in the area and predators. The event on 27 November, reported local website Kalinga TV.

Новые случаи загадочного увечья овец отмечены в Индии

Earlier in November, in the same area of Nyali also three times has been found dead and mutilated sheep and the total number of animals mysteriously tortured for 27. It seems that an unknown force chose sheep Nyali as the experimental rats and carried out some experiments.

And not only in November, in June-July in Nyali found more than 250 sheep killed and their death was difficult to write off the attack dogs or wolves, too strange she looked.

Новые случаи загадочного увечья овец отмечены в Индии

Representatives of the forest Department, following the directions of the state government was raised around farms in Nyali special cage to catch predators, but no one was caught.

Local cattleman Nilamani Das said on November 22 in an interview with Times of India that all the sheepmen in the area were very scared after the attack of unknown animals on sheep in June. And now this incomprehensible evil is back again. Nilamani complains that nobody can protect them from attacks, and the government did not pay compensation for the dead animals.

Now all the local farmers in an attempt to protect his sheep at night remain on duty in the sheds.


Mysterious mutilations of farm animals (usually cows, sheep or horses) are often attributed to aliens. Animals have very sharp with surgical precision, removed the genitals and part of the intestines, sometimes of the tongue, the ears, or pieces of skins. The bodies of the dead animals is often very long do not decompose and they do not touch the scavengers.

On a scene there is usually no traces of blood, as if killed and maimed animals in another place, and dead animals look as if they are not resisted.

The phenomenon is studied since 70-ies, there are also many cases was in the 90s. Sometimes in the attack on the animal do not blame aliens, and Chupacabra or a secret military organization.

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