The woman is sure that he was able to capture the true Death that came for her dying father

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A resident of Doncaster (United Kingdom) Sherron Call was in hospice near the bed of his cancer-ridden father Roy Krenke, when was this terrible photo. Father Charron was 67 years old, he was suffering from colon cancer, but failed to overcome the disease.

The photo was taken a few hours before father Charron died. The picture shows a strange shadow peeking down the hall and like the voyeur for those who are in it.

If you take into account the imagination, shadow is really a bit similar to the silhouette in a black robe with a hood, that is the way many represent Death, plus, somewhere in her hands is spit. But in the photo the silhouette rather than with a scythe, and some an open book, maybe a book about the life of that person, whom she came?

Женщина уверена, что сумела заснять настоящую Смерть, которая приходила за ее умирающим отцом

Here is one more photo from the same corridor and it is possible to notice another silhouette, like a black bird, sitting on the edge of the truck. The ravens are always associated with death, these birds are faithful companions of Death.

Женщина уверена, что сумела заснять настоящую Смерть, которая приходила за ее умирающим отцом

According to Sharron, her father being in agony all the time pointed to the corridor, it is possible that he saw who came for him?

— He could not speak and could not explain what he wants to show me, but he was horrified — the woman said — And I thought it was all a result of his illness. After that, I left the room and went to the bathroom, that’s when I saw a strange silhouette in the hallway and the bird next to him. I was very scared, but managed to photograph them.

After a couple of hours after this incident, the father Charron died.

I can’t say that it was precisely the shadow, but there definitely should be no birds, it’s eventually a hospice. I later visited the place, there was just standing wheelchair.

When Charron showed pictures of his brother, he said that the creature looks like a «grim Reaper» (the Grim Reaper), the image of Death as a physical entity. Death in quality of the image found in the myths and legends of all world cultures since time immemorial.

Now Sherron a little less scared. This photo gave her the confidence that after we die, waiting for something else and when we die, we will have someone to meet.

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