In the cave of Nottingham filmed the «the figure of the Ghost with the lantern»

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The British researcher of anomalous phenomena Tony Ferguson, who recently «caught» on his camera, the Ghost of a hanged man in the old prison of Cornwall, again made something paranormal. This time in the ancient caves of Nottingham, the famous legends of Robin hood.


Ferguson along with his friend went on a journey through Nottingham’s caves, known as the «City of caves» («City of Caves»). They are located in the historical part of the city inside of a small hill, on which stands Nottingham castle. It is a labyrinth of tunnels, caves and underground halls. Now in several caves of Nottingham has pubs where you can knock over a mug of foamy Guinness and eat English Breakfast.

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

Just in Nottingham, there are about 500 caves from which the currently studied only 76, but that number is amazing. According to local residents, in many of the caves are the ghosts of the innocent victims of people from the past, because in England were harsh manners and thousands of people were executed without trial.

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

When Ferguson was shot on a camera inside one of the caves, he saw something that he said was like a «Ghost in the clothes of the 19th century with a lantern in his hand.» Like a Ghost came through the wall of the cave. In the video, a figure can be seen very vaguely, since the video itself is blurry. You may notice at first a small flame, and then there is the murky silhouette of the hands and head.

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

According to Tony, he initially did not want to remove anything in these caves, so I came here just to relax with each other. Maybe that’s why the video quality is noticeably worse than in the case of other video Ferguson, which was marked by the Ghost of a hanged man.

Tony says that the Ghost looked at him, before the gap in the wall, and he’s been making a weird whistling sound. After shooting Tony checked out the cave and saw that no stranger was not there.

It is believed that the caves in the soft Sandstone started to dig back in the 4th century ad and originally used as housing. Then they were used as toilets, tanning room, housing for the poor, and in our time as bomb shelters. For centuries they regularly took refuge from persecution of the authorities, numerous thieves and murderers.

Is one of the strangest places that I have visited, says Tony Ferguson, the People who saw my video, they say that I’m probably the only one good shot of a local Ghost, almost in full growth.

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

В пещере Ноттингема засняли "фигуру призрака с фонарем"

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