«I was told that I was an agent of extraterrestrial civilizations»

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Recalls Gennady Kossenko from Odessa:

Fourteenth of January 1990, I was home alone. Wife and son went to visit relatives in the village. I watched the night news on TV. Suddenly all the objects in the room — cabinets, chairs, Ottoman — started as if to evaporate. It was confusing and scary. I tried to grab the hand behind the back, disappearing, melting in the air chair. The hand passed through the chair!

"Мне сказали, что я агент внеземной цивилизации"

Milky fog enveloped my entire body. But it appeared two steps away from me man of the most ordinary, unremarkable appearance. He was about forty years old. He looked at me and smiled. Don’t know why, I stopped shaking from fear. Felt the icy calm in the soul. The man spoke and I heard his voice, though no less clearly seen — his lips did not move.

He said he constantly monitors my behavior. Then said, well, we’re brothers, and I do, is not native to the Land, and the agent of any extraterrestrial civilization. Finally, the man inquired, as I feel «uncomfortable earthly body»? I said, «All right. Feel good.»

And the man disappeared. A milky fog around me, slowly melting…

Good reflection an incredible event, I came to two conclusions.

First, the meeting with the man I imagined. It was a fact of reality and not a hallucination. Secondly, if you believe the words of men, some of them follows the inevitable disappointing conclusion. To think, I’m not the only one «freak» on Earth, the secret, as I understand it, an agent of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Presumably, such «freaks» in all areas of our society and in all countries of the world, if you agree with the assumption that with the earth’s civilization is secretly for her to contact some alien civilization. For example, a secret pin has a place in reality. Surely it needs to be massive!

I guess in all layers of society there are people who in some way are not people at all. Their eyes and ears visible and a tap on the livelihoods of our entire social organism. And these people are not even aware of the fact that Venezuelan! And I was one of them.

Gennady, Kossenko personally interviewed researcher of anomalous phenomena Alexey Priyma. His case was later described in the book «the twentieth century. Chronicle of the unexplained. From mystery to mystery».

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