I saw demons with my own eyes, the guy let them into your life

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A strange case occurred in a 32-year-old man named Alexander. Former promising student of jewelry College, author of a remarkable course projects, Sasha is still a student found a way to get precious metal, the results of which the students were strictly controlled. Appeared he and the accomplice in this case.

After one deals with gold friends did not share income and had an argument. As a result of quarrels and the subsequent fighting Sasha had received from his assistant a bottle on the head. From this blow and began misfortune of a young man.

From the school of Alexander, of course, expelled. To life he made a living stealing non-ferrous metals, loved him even during his studies at the College. But it was not the only problem that fell on Alexander.

Увидев однажды бесов воочию, парень впустил их в свою жизнь

Once happened to him next. Once returning home in a suburban train, Sasha was in the same car with the two men who were sitting close to each other, though, as it seemed to Alexander that they know not. Absorbed in thoughts of his future life, Sasha didn’t pay any attention to them, staring out the window.

Suddenly, casually glancing at the silent neighbors, a young man just froze in surprise. Both men suddenly split in two right before his eyes. Moreover, the actual companions continued to sit still, and appeared the twins began to argue and quarrel.

Suddenly in the air there was a third person. It was evident that he was very happy fierce dispute. After a few minutes of the «bugs» are gone, but leaving the train, Sasha noticed that one of the men angrily looked at the other.

Until one day, a young man who never believed in supernatural powers, and not addicted to any occult or religious books, was an atheist. Now he could see the eyes of demons as they make their villainy. Or rather not they, but the people who come to him in dependence. Sasha was one of them.

«They» started to appear often enough. The young man had used to communicate with them. Only it gave him any pleasure, but rather become a burden. Psychiatrists that Sasha has repeatedly asked for help, nothing could help him, while his condition worsened with each passing day.

Frequent vision was complicated by seizures. The devils acquired full power over Alexander began to tell him, to threaten, to ban, to require. In a word, the young man’s life has become unbearable.

Now people who met him felt not only a sense of pity, but terrible, unspeakable fear. Perfectly healthy in psychological terms, people, perfectly reasonable — and at the same time, completely deprived of their own will, possessed by the forces of evil.

Church Ministers say that people suffering from this obsession, becomes more and more. According to the Holy Scripture, did that happen in the world only once — on the eve of the first coming. The adherents of the different religions (Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox) see here one way out — through the Church a special spiritual healing, called otchetnoi.

Believe that the victims of the devil according to most often become atheists. But Alexander did not want to be baptized, he is afraid that «they» after that completely finish it with light.

It is unknown what the outcome of the frightening story of Alexander. It was published in 2002 in the book «Secrets of the mysterious creatures» and subsequently never met.

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