A huge number of British adults are afraid of the dark and monsters under the bed

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According to the results of a new survey conducted in the UK, 17% of respondents because of their strong fear of the dark to sleep with the lights on, and 18% would prefer to sleep in the room, if their children because of fears they will not be able to sleep in his bedroom. It is reported by the Mirror.

All afraid of the dark a staggering 64% of the British people, two thirds of whom hate the preparation for sleep and the time of light-off, and 36% in the dark begin to feel the presence of something or someone otherworldly.

Every fifth (20%) of the 2 million adults surveyed told who conducted the survey experts of the company «Bensons for Beds» (the UK’s largest seller of beds and mattresses) before bed regularly checks under his bed of ghosts and monsters. And also checks that the doors of all the cupboards were closed.

Огромное количество взрослых британцев боятся темноты и монстров под кроватью

The survey was conducted once on British TV released a new Christmas ad, which featured a huge friendly plush monster hiding under the bed in the baby’s room.

Advertising has caused mixed feelings in the audience, many found it cute, but it was many of those who called it frightening. The fact that monsters can be cute in advertising, but at home no one knows who’s hiding. Many people said that a couple of times a week they Wake up in the middle of the night with a sense of who is in their room or under the bed there’s something strange and creepy.

48% of respondents said that their fear of darkness and the anxiety level can be so strong that they begin to listen and hear small creaks and other strange noises. Another 22% admitted that they are afraid to stick his leg out from under the blankets because «someone might touch her».

Also a quarter of respondents admitted that they have seen scary shadows in his bedroom.

Огромное количество взрослых британцев боятся темноты и монстров под кроватью

More just to fill the apartment afraid of women (53%), among men these half 25%.

Henry swift, head of clients in the company «Bensons for Beds», said that the survey showed that many of our fears and phobias that have arisen in early childhood, not going anywhere with the time of maturation. Check before going to bed. locked the doors and Windows, it is quite reasonable, but to check for monsters under the bed seems a bit much.

«However, we all tremble from fear and be nervous, when the sound of the night a strange creaking floorboards or see the frightening shadow,» says swift.

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