The story of 13-year-old resident of Illinois, which was temporarily possessed by the soul of the dead girl Mary

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With the concept of possession is clearly associated negative Association, however, there were occasions when an indwelling spirit, as it turned out, had a good purpose. In the summer of 1877 Mary Larence Wines (Mary Lurancy Vennum), a thirteen year old girl from the town Watseka, Illinois, suffered a series of convulsive seizures.

Sometimes she fell into unconsciousness for a few hours, and all attempts to revive were unsuccessful.

Unconscious girl talked about the fact that she sees angels, a brother and sister who died several years ago. Soon after this, the body of Lorence were alternately possessed by a few dominant personalities who spoke through her proxy votes. Among them was a cranky old woman named Katrina Hogan.

Family Larence Wines

История 13-летней жительницы Иллинойса, в которую временно вселялась душа умершей девочки Мэри

In the end, the family is resigned to the idea that you have to give the daughter to a psychiatric hospital. Fortunately, intervened in the case of the Roff family, who lives next door. They convinced the parents of Larense to see a doctor in Wisconsin who many years earlier had been treating their own child. Their daughter was also named Mary, and within a few months she’s had episodes like this.

When she was in such a state, she manifested the ability of clairvoyance, for example, she could read blindfolded. This could confirm well-known and respected residents of the city Watseka who were willing under oath to testify to what they saw. Mary Roff died 12 years ago.

Larence Wines (left) and Mary Roff (right)

История 13-летней жительницы Иллинойса, в которую временно вселялась душа умершей девочки Мэри

When Dr. Stevens first came to the house of the family Wines on 1 February 1878 in the girl’s body was possessed by the spirit of Catherine Hogan. At first she was cold and aloof, absent-mindedly staring into space. When Dr. Stevens tried to approach her closer, she was ordered to leave her alone.

However, his persistence was rewarded, and gradually Dr. Stevens managed to pull out a personal history «Katrina». Soon it was replaced by another person, a young man named Willie Canning, however, his power over Lorenzi was rather unstable and he had to tell little worthwhile information that later on they could check.

With parental permission doctor used hypnosis, and Larence returned to her body, but she continued to stay in trance. She said that she was possessed by evil spirits, but perhaps it was just her interpretation, due to strict religious upbringing. Events then took an even more interesting twist.

Larence, said that around she sees other spirits, among whom was Mary Roff. Larence didn’t know Mary Roff, who had died when, Larence was only a year old. Up to this point she has never been in the house the Roff family.

In that moment, when the girl’s body was possessed by the spirit of «Mary» and began to speak on her behalf, Mrs Roffe was in the room. However, no one has had the impression that Larence pretending, to impress or to win the favor of the mother of the dead girl.

The next morning, Mary announced her intention to go «home», referring to the family home Roff. Naturally, this caused some confusion for Mr. and Mrs. Wines, who didn’t want their child adopted by neighbors. Although the current mental state of Larense one could hardly say that she is their daughter.

February 11, after painful deliberation, the family Wines allowed his daughter to do things on your own.

История 13-летней жительницы Иллинойса, в которую временно вселялась душа умершей девочки Мэри

On the way Mr and Mrs Roff were passing by his old house where their daughter died. Mary insisted to be taken there, but in the end it still failed to convince that he now belongs to other people.

Arriving at the new parents ‘ house, she came to a complete delight when she saw her old piano. It also turned out that she knows of relatives who have welcomed it.

Of course, in itself it proves nothing. Perhaps, Larence pretending to attract attention. It is not much risked, when he said that finds out the previous family home Roff, because in those days everyone knew their neighbors and the history of the city. As for piano, it would be fair to assume that it is already a few years prinadlejala family and took pride of place in their previous home.

However, even the most suspicious witnesses were surprised when Mary greeted her old teacher from the Sunday school, calling her by her maiden name, which could not know, Larence. Intrigued family members brought Mary many tricky questions that dealt with the most minor events of her childhood.

The answers could never accurately guess the pretender with even the most rich imagination. However, their curiosity was more than rewarded. She even remembered details of a family holiday and was able to call the place where she died of her dog. Most notably, it is exactly able to recall the words written many years ago by a medium during a seance, who claimed that he accepts the message of the spirit of Mary.

Parents, Larence Wines (left) and adult, Larence with your baby

История 13-летней жительницы Иллинойса, в которую временно вселялась душа умершей девочки Мэри

Over the next few weeks, she recognized personal items formerly belonged to her. Mr. and Mrs. Roff unobtrusive left them somewhere in a conspicuous place, in the hope that their daughter would know. However, Mary didn’t just know them. She grabbed the thing and thought about any trifles, with which it is associated.

Often this information can confirm her parents. Obviously, it was something more than remarkable performance of the role. It was an amazing phenomenon, a rare example where the baby has possessed the body of a living person.

In many ways, this incident is reminiscent of the description of the transformations faced by the people. The difference was only in one small detail: Mary died when Lorenzi was a little kid. Also in this case does not fit the diagnosis of «multiple split personality», because «Mary Roff» obviously knew a lot about the family and their previous life.

Arriving at the family home Roff «Mary» predicted that it will be in the body of Lorence for three weeks, after which she will return to the spirit world and will allow Larence to continue their lives. She kept her word. On the morning of 21 may, «Mary Roff» had left the body of his hospitable hostess, and Larence returned to their parents.

She later married and lived a normal happy life. However, from time to time Mr. and Mrs. Roff came to visit her and then, again appeared their daughter to assure them that she is okay. In gratitude for the fact that she was allowed to say goodbye to family, charitable heart broke even during the birth of the firstborn, Larence by entering it in the trance state, to ease the pain of childbirth.

From the book by Paul Roland «the Big book of spooks and spectres»

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