Archaeologists have unearthed a dinosaur with angel wings (video and photos)

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Secrets of the past: archaeologists have unearthed a dinosaur with angel wings. Scientists have discovered a new species of horned dinosaur with a bizarre set of wings on his head. The length of this species reach 6 metres and weighed over 2 tons.

Археологи раскопали динозавра с ангельскими крыльями (видео и фото)

The prehistoric creature, which scientists have given the name Mercuriceratops gemini lived about 77 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period.

Detailed description of a new species, which was published in the online journal Naturwissenschaften, was made by results of studying of fossils collected in Montana, USA and Alberta, Canada.

Mercuriceratops (mercury + ceratops) means «mercury horned-face with» had on the head of the education that resemble the wings on the helmet of the Roman God mercury. The second part of the name (gemini ) – «Gemini», was also not chosen by chance. The fact that the researchers found the remains almost identical, resemble each other like twins, on a dig in North-Central Montana and the dinosaur Park in Alberta, Canada.

Mercuriales had a beak like a parrot and probably had two long horns on his forehead, just above the eye. Ate these dinosaurs plants.

«Mercuriales has done a unique evolutionary path in which on the back of his skull formed a large plate, similar to the decorative fins on classic cars of the 50 years,» said the study’s lead author Dr. Michael Ryan, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of natural history.

To restore the appearance of a dinosaur in the fragments of two skulls, the remains of which were gathered on serious enough distance from each other. The specimen, found in Montana, was originally collected on private land and acquired by the Royal Ontario Museum. Sample from Alberta was collected by Susan Owen-Kagen in the laboratory of Dr. Philip Curry, University of Alberta.

Археологи раскопали динозавра с ангельскими крыльями (видео и фото)

Археологи раскопали динозавра с ангельскими крыльями (видео и фото)

«Susan showed me her samples during one of my trips to Alberta,» said Ryan. — I immediately realized that this is the same kind of dinosaur that arrived at the Ontario Museum of Montana.»

This discovery of previously unknown species in relatively well-studied periods once again emphasizes that there is still a lot of species of dinosaurs that have yet to open.

Photo: Daily Mail

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