Ufologists spotted a UFO in the pictures the Mars Rover Curiosity (photo)

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Ufologists have once again managed to see Mars unidentified objects. This time they saw a UFO in the pictures the Mars Rover Curiosity, published by the space Agency NASA in the global network. They are fans of mysteries saw the luminous point, which in a few frames moved.

Уфологи разглядели НЛО на снимках марсохода Curiosity (фото)

NASA experts refute the version with UFOs, and claim that the reason of the defect of the camera of the Rover – a hot pixel. But UFOlogy does not agree with this explanation and argue that nothing to do with the hot pixel, as a fact recorded with several cameras. This is not the first case when images from the Mars Rover Curiosity find unknown objects. Before that, fans of UFO pictures found on the surface of Mars shoes and the grave with a cross.

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