American painting of encounters with a beautiful alien

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An elderly resident of the city of Hoboken, state of new Jersey, who is now 74 years old, David Huggins (David Huggins), from the first glance, an ordinary American who worked all his life in the grocery store, had a family and one child. Today, however, he writes of the painting, which depicts their meeting with a beautiful alien with whom he had sex and even had them hybrid children – about a hundred pieces.

However, looking at pictures of Huggins, it’s hard to imagine the perfect alien, but David disagrees. Here is how he commented on this discrepancy:

Apparently they do a bit inconsistent (in our idea of female beauty) is a thin, long-legged and with huge eyes, but these creatures radiates this powerful sexual energy that immediately lose their head. And after that nothing more beautiful…

Американец пишет картины о встречах с прекрасными инопланетянками

For the first time Huggins has faced aliens in 8 years, and in 17 years he had the first sexual contact with an alien he met in the woods. Then it was taken away for these purposes on ships or the alien base, which he describes in one word – «there». It was there that he showed and all his children, politely asking to touch everyone.

Obviously, it was want the children to remember me as a father, however, just I don’t know because I never got explained, and showed very little. For this reason, today in the pictures I only write what is seen, felt, and it was mostly sex, because I was used as a producer of hybrid children.

Американец пишет картины о встречах с прекрасными инопланетянками

Paintings, like the stories of David Huggins, was interested in publishing The Mirror, and then about the man was even a documentary Love and Saucers (brad Abrams), which brought the American if not the world, then some glory in their country. The owner of the store where David worked, believes that all and was, as such he heard not only from Huggins. Brad Abrams added that there is nothing supernatural in contact with David with no aliens, people from ancient times you do things, calling them, however, communication with spirits, angels or devils, depending on the gender and certain characteristics of such contacts.

People like I, says he sex channel, very much on the Ground. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, but they are silent, because nobody believes them. I also do not believe, but I have a talent that allows me to convey all that I experienced on the canvas. People watch them, and, with pleasure, let alone how it contributes to their belief in aliens, I don’t know. But its contribution to the openness and accessibility of this topic, I make the best of their ability.

The former wife of David (they were divorced) refused to speak with reporters about her former husband and his contacts with aliens…

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