Off the coast of palm beach (FL) too many sharks and they were more likely to attack people

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According to the website cbs12.comthe fishermen engaged in fishing near the shores of palm beach in Florida, are concerned that these waters became more and more sharks and they became more aggressive. Recently there have been two shark attacks on people causing them serious injuries.

Captain Greg Bogdan knows these waters, he’s been working here for the past three decades and notes that times have changed. Now it has become much harder to catch a big fish, because in these waters there are many sharks. Greg says that just yesterday, a large bull shark in the eyes of the fishermen, eaten by larger fish from the catch.

У побережья Палм-Бич (Флорида) стало слишком много акул и они стали чаще нападать на людей

Sharks also attack commercial fishing nets and eat from them almost the entire production.

Journalists CBS12 contacted the University of Florida and asked expert Stephen Kajiura about the unusual increase in the number of sharks and their aggressive behavior. The expert said that while they did not conduct a thorough study of this issue, but sharks probably was really more and the University is aware of this issue.

— I can guarantee you that you will easily be able to catch a shark in there any time and when you catch it there will be plenty of other sharks.

The last shark attack happened in October 23. A woman named Susan of Pitek, at 8 a.m., performed his daily morning swim along the shore near a Park and John D. MacArthur State Park, a shark attacked her, severely injuring his hand.

Thus the woman up to the time of the attack did not see the shark, the shark suddenly appeared and attacked the man in the place, where the depth was only six feet.

У побережья Палм-Бич (Флорида) стало слишком много акул и они стали чаще нападать на людей

A shark badly bit her hand, damaging tendons, ligaments, nerves and bones. Susan recalls with horror as she saw the water in his blood and pieces of flesh with their own hands. Susan is a nurse and so when she got to shore, immediately bandaged the hand strap to avoid losing more blood.

Now Susan is warning other swimmers that sharks have become more aggressive. Previously, she did not notice, although this hundreds of times swam in the ocean in these places.

A woman sobbing recalls how immediately after the shark attack she thought she was going to die and even asked her priest to the hospital. According to doctors for a full recovery Susan will need more than a year, and not the fact that after this hand will be in working condition.

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