«Bowl of soul» is a cursed painting of New Zealand

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«Чаша души» - проклятая картина художника Новой Зеландии

Paintings, of course, bring into the world the harmony, like any other art, takes aesthetic pleasure, are a reflection of his era, but sometimes paintings, created by the talented hand of the artist, begin to behave in this world consciously-in a mystical way, creating real problems for their owners, and even killing them .

It is no accident that was born the novel «the picture of Dorian gray» by Oscar Wilde, which is itself covered some amazing secret, and the story in it about the amazing portrait more like the truth than on fiction. In the last century a lot of fuss about another mystical painting «the Crying boy» by Italian artist Bruno Amadio that literally burned the house, where (by the way, also came with the house her prints, which at the time was done in London a fire dash). And those mystical, cursed paintings in the history of painting met a lot.

Just do not think that in our time. Not at all, for example, recently in New Zealand there is another mystical picture entitled «Bowl of soul» (Soul Bowl — see photo), which in an antique shop Pauanui (East coast of the Coromandel Peninsula on the North island of New Zealand) acquired a resident of the same New Zealand, who wished to remain anonymous, September 17, 2017. The man was attracted to this painting copper colored, which perfectly harmonize with the wooden furniture in one of the upper rooms of his mansion. There the picture was hanged soon.

«Bowl of soul» reveals his strange abilities

And here began the most amazing. The picture suddenly began to fall by itself, although on the wall it hung (and later overruled) in the most reliable manner. Then the devil began to manifest themselves more clearly. One day the wife came in the evening to his mansion where no one could be, when he noticed that the room on the second floor, just as that in which hung the damn picture, flashed a person’s shadow, as if someone walked by the window. Of course, the house was not a soul…

The patience of the owner is exhausted, when one night he woke up from some obscure excitement, he was drawn to look out the window – and, Oh God, in the yard, lit by a streetlamp, he saw his shadow, freely from him walking. And in this time nobody could enter the yard to drop the shadow, his wife calmly slept on the bed, and his shadow, the master of the house nothing could confuse, too it was typical…

After this picture was taken from the wall of the room and sent to the garage, and the owner it was soon placed an ad on the online auction website Trade Me New Zealand on the sale of mystical paintings. He’s not hiding anything, where purchased, how much, why sell (describe in detail all the strange happenings in his house, once inside it there was a picture of Soul Bowl), offering to buy people interested in paranormal phenomena, for example, Ghostbusters.

«Чаша души» - проклятая картина художника Новой Зеландии

The starting price of the leaf was assigned only $ 40. During the month, while the picture on the portal until the last day of trading (19 January), with a host of her correspondence almost two hundred people who were interested in mystical work of art. Among the responses of men to various questions of potential buyers, there are several in an antique shop, where the paintings, the artist who created this «masterpiece» called by the name of Gill; while the painting was in the garage, nothing mystical in the house did not happen; the picture on the side written in English «the soul is the Cup», but in the meantime, the receptacle for the soul (chalice) is considered the human body: upstairs in the end is written «the shape of my», which further adds to the mystery of this painting. Who was the mythical artist Jill and why he ubralo the idea to create this mysterious masterpiece, remains a mystery…

«Чаша души» - проклятая картина художника Новой Зеландии

19 Jan at 17:14 local time painting «Bowl of soul» was sold. Who and why it was acquired, and even at what price is unknown…

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