The mystery of the cursed box dibuka

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A few years ago on eBay was posted an unusual item. Its owner was one Joseph netzke, a student from Missouri. He called it «zagovornik box for wine». In it were two curl, a statue of granite, a dried rose Bud, two coins and a candlestick. Netzke honestly warned: box brings misfortune and it might have settled the Dybbuk.

The Dybbuk — the evil spirit in the Ashkenazi Jewish folklore, which is the soul of the dead an evil man. Soul-the Dybbuk can’t part with earthly existence for their crimes and looking for a living organism, in which to dwell.

Unusual lot aroused considerable interest. Within two days the initial symbolic price of one dollar has increased to 50. After a couple of days for it has been proposed us $ 200. In the end, the owner of dibuka was Jason Haxton, curator of the University Museum of Missouri, giving box 286 USD.

Тайна проклятого ящика диббука

Haxton was overcome numerous issues and suggestions concerning dibuka. In the end, he was asked to remove the home address from directories, changed my email address and created a dedicated mailbox on the site. Visitors to the site complained of headaches and asked to remove the image box, accusing him in a sudden indisposition.

Haxton has found the previous owner of dibuka. It appeared to be the owner of a small workshop on repair and restoration of furniture Kevin Mannis from Portland, Oregon. And he told this horrible story.

Once Kevin got on the sale of certain of Haveli, who died at the age of 103 years. He noticed a wooden box that was intended for wine storage. From granddaughter Haveli Mannis learned that the old woman, an ethnic Jew born in Poland in the late nineteenth century and lived a very difficult life. The box she bought in Spain, which escaped from a German concentration camp.

The coveted box of Havel kept closed in the room, away from children and grandchildren. Once a girl is interested in them, and then an elderly woman three times spat through splayed fingers, said a strange word «Dybbuk» and «kelisim» and forced her to swear she never in my life did not open. Before his death, Havel was asked to put in the grave and the mailbox, but it was impossible according to the laws of Judaism. And granddaughter kept his word and never opened the box.

Тайна проклятого ящика диббука

Kevin Mannis went to his workshop and decided box to restore and to give to the mother. He took the purchase to itself in the filed, and, leaving behind the receptionist, went. Half an hour later the assistant said on the phone that someone got in the Studio, has Windows, loud cursing and the same… it locked up. Alarmed Mannis rushed to work.

The front door was locked. The girl was sobbing in the corner. Making sure she was all right, he pulled out a gun and rushed to the stairs leading to the basement.

The light is somehow not burned, although an hour ago everything was fine. Include a flashlight, Kevin saw that in the basement there is not one whole bulb. The sound of broken light bulbs assistant and took over the sound of breaking glass.

As Kevin crossed the threshold of his Studio, his nose hit the smell of cat urine, although the animals he did not hold. The attacker also disappeared… Kevin went upstairs. The girl said that she categorically refused to answer questions. Since there was no damage except broken light bulbs, were not applied, to contact the police, he did not.

Two weeks later, Mannis restored wine box. He was not simple, and mechanism: cost to open one door, another opened itself and was nominated box.

Тайна проклятого ящика диббука

Inside lay two Nickel 1925 and 1928 years of release, two curl, tied with a rubber band, a small statue of granite carved with the Hebrew word «Shalom», a dried rose Bud and vintage iron candle holder with legs in the shape of octopus tentacles. Even Kevin noticed a Hebrew inscription on the back.

A gift to the mother liked it. Yet with a smile she looked at the box, Mannis went to call, and when, five minutes later came back, saw that his mother became ill.

An elderly woman sat with a blank expression, his cheeks tears flowed. The doctor said that she suffered a stroke, which she was partially paralyzed and lost the power of speech. Talked Mrs. Mannis using paper and pens. The next day, the woman suddenly wrote: «don’t gift». Deciding that she simply forgot about the wine box, Kevin said it is a gift. To which she replied: «Hate.»

Deciding that the mother a case of wine have ceased to please, Massin gave his sister, but she returned it after a week: she could not close the doors. Brother box was delayed and less: after three days he returned. It seemed to him that the box gave off the smell of Jasmine, and his wife seemed that it stinks of cat urine. The girlfriend Massin gave the box two days later asked quickly from him to deliver.

On the same day Kevin sold it to a married couple, but three days later found the wretched box in front of the workshop door with a strange note: «there is hidden evil darkness». To take back the money the buyers refused. Mannis brought it home. The first night he had a nightmare, which is then repeated almost every day.

Supposedly he walks down the street with someone from close friends, watching companion in the eye and understands that with a friend that something is wrong. At this point one turns into a horrible witch who immediately pounces on him with his fists. Waking up in a cold sweat, Kevin was horrified to find bruises on the body from strokes.

Some time later, the guests visited the mother, sister and brother with his wife. They spent the night with him. At Breakfast sister complained of a bad dream. Explaining that she sees it is not the first time, a woman told word for word nightmare Kevin. My brother and his wife listened to her with open mouths.

In their eyes froze with fear: he had the same nightmare! And also not the first time.

Here Kevin Mannis was not myself. The idea that all the troubles to blame the box, developed into confidence, when it became clear that the relatives have seen nightmares before, when he was in their house.

After a week with Manicom was something strange going on. It seemed to him that his peripheral vision, he sees some strange spots like the shade. The same spots were noticed and the people who came to his home. Kevin took the box in the barn, and the night he was awakened by a fire alarm. No fire, no no smoke, but the cat urine smell from a mile away. Mannis brought the box into the house.

Тайна проклятого ящика диббука

At 4.30 woke up from a familiar nightmare. The room smelled strongly of Jasmine. It seemed to him that he saw a huge shadow, running along the corridor. In the morning Kevin decided to burn a terrible drawer, but at the last moment changed my mind was scared that something living in the box, in this case, it will remain with him forever…

«Of course, these events can be found reasonable explanations that have no relation to the box, says Mannis, but when I remember all, the thought creeps in that not too much of a coincidence?»

And yet, patience Manisa broke, and he decided from the box to get rid of. Most of all it offered Netzke and eventually received a box with all its contents

According to experts on the paranormal, lived in a box ectoplasmosis interloper. Now Netzke hit trouble: the 20-year-old boy started losing his hair, the room had a strange smell, Joseph lost his side vision his blocked large vertical dark spots…

Jason Haxton has not escaped the fate of the previous owners of the box. The next morning after the purchase, he woke up with bloodshot eyes and right eye is very swollen, as after a blow. Behind the eye was followed by other ailments: fatigue, metallic taste in the mouth, the common cold, which is not helped by medication, severe cough. The house smelled of flowers and cat urine,

Тайна проклятого ящика диббука

Haxton turned for help to a familiar Jewish Rebecca now. Her father was a scholar of Kabbalah and before his death gave daughters of their knowledge. Now I am convinced that the box was a sacred object of some Jewish families and it was possessed by someone’s spirit. In order to expel him, in her opinion, it requires a minyan — a ritual in which ten people read special prayers.

And George Ellis, an expert on Jewish culture, believes that if people found a coin, with the year which coincided with the year, say, their child’s birth, or death of a close relative, she had to set it aside. Apparently, the cause of all lies in the drawer coins.

Skeptics believe that dibbuk is just someone’s clever joke…

R. S. Haxton found younger sister Haveli, and she said that they often went to a seance. During one of them in our world inadvertently medium got an evil spirit, who refused to go back. Havel caught him, long kept in a glass vessel, and then was put in a box for wine.

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