Grandmother from Lithuania says that eating sand had saved her from a brain tumor

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An elderly resident of Lithuania States that for many years now she eats only one sand. And it isn’t just improved her health, but also saved from a deadly brain tumor. It is reported

According to 70-year-old Stanislava Montelena (Stanislava Monstvilene) she has more than 10 years living, eating only one sand and not eating any more products and that only makes it healthier:

«I had a brain tumor in the last stage, the doctors said that life I left quite a bit. My hemoglobin level was very low, only 60 (for women normal is 120-150). I once passed by a pile of sand and I suddenly came up with the idea to take a handful of sand and eat it. I did just that. The habit I choked, but then everything went fine.»

Бабушка из Литвы уверяет, что поедание песка спасло ее от опухоли мозга

Over time, a woman could not do without sand and stopped eating anything else. She says that the sand gives her all the necessary items and eating it, she feels perfectly healthy. She also says that when she tried to stop eating the sand, she again appeared ailments.

Бабушка из Литвы уверяет, что поедание песка спасло ее от опухоли мозга

According to the therapist, Liliana Waisteline, which oversaw the health of the pensioner for some time, my grandmother really strong health and it for several years do not go to doctors.

«She has good blood. We found that when examined it some time ago. But since she never went to doctors».

Бабушка из Литвы уверяет, что поедание песка спасло ее от опухоли мозга

Stanislaus Montelena happily shares the secrets of his health and tips on how to properly eat sand.

«You don’t have to mix it with water or regular food. You also don’t have to eat something else. Otherwise you will be bad. You also cannot drink alcohol. I solve the problem of consumption of water absorbing wet sand and therefore don’t want to drink.»

The pensioner also says that the sand depending on its type can have a different taste.

«It can be acidic or be generally tasteless. For example brown sand is always sour».

Warning to readers: Please don’t try to eat sand! The result of eating yet not scientifically proven.

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