U.S. scientists issued a statement that the mystery of the Bermuda triangle solved

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Scientists of the meteorological service of the United States of America nearly 10 years struggled with the solution of the phenomenon famous, ominous Bermuda triangle. Finally, they made a sensational statement – mystery solved.

Ученые США выступили с заявлением, что тайна Бермудского треугольника разгадана

Here’s how the staff met US explained many of the wreck of ships and aircraft in this mysterious region:

All because of some weird air anomaly, which manifests itself in different ways, but most often in the form of unusual hexagonal cloud. These clouds, drifting over the Bermuda triangle, often going into a kind of «frame» that causes terrible air and sea phenomena, destroying everything in its path.

Isn’t that the explanation is already familiar to Orthodox science form: all physical laws, however, some phenomena have so far not managed to understand. And these strange phenomena – strange hexagonal clouds, which should not be in the nature, picking up their strange frames like specifically to attack ships and planes. And finally, this «sensational statement» as there was before, so there is now explanation why sea and air ships disappear without a trace, and if they find it, without a crew? And there are many other oddities of the Bermuda triangle, in fact, remained a mystery.

Speaking by and large, the filmmakers-documentary filmmakers, who again and again make movies about this mysterious area of our planet, a lot closer to explaining the mysteries of Bermuda. They at least attract a lot of independent researchers, confront different opinions, due to what emerges, at least some picture of what’s really going on?..

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