Locked in an invisible pipe

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In a personal conversation with the researcher of anomalous phenomena Alexey Subject engineer K. C.] from the city of Shakhty in Rostov region was once telling me a story.

— I’m an atheist. Do not believe in God or the devil. And all sorts of stories about the miracles supposedly occasionally occurring in the world here and there, I think it is absurd fables. But one day happened in my life the incident that caused a painful blow to my unbelief in the possibility of the existence of miracles in this world.

Запертый в невидимой трубе

That evening I returned to easy drunk home from a friend who visited. It was July 6, 1993. About eleven o’clock in the evening. As I walked through the deserted street on the outskirts of our city. Was, again, slightly drunk. Before my house was to walk a couple short blocks away. And here’s what I got into this diabolical trap!

The trap was invisible. With my whole body I suddenly bumped into an invisible wall. He hit it very much, because it was fast. Infinitely surprised, began to fumble with the hands first in front, and then around him.

After a couple of seconds it became clear that I was standing inside what looked like a touch on an invisible pipe, throw up my hands reached for her top.

It seemed that the pipe went from the ground straight into the sky. Or, at least, was much higher than my height. Its diameter did not exceed five feet.

— You have not had any sharp object? For example, a knife.

— No. Was not… A-Ah, I see what you mean. Even if I had a knife, I don’t think I would be able to break through the invisible pipe. Absolutely stunned by what is happening, I was pounding around me on the tube with his fists, crashed into the barrier shoulder.

The pipe was smooth as glass and hard as steel. But such phenomena should not exist in nature, in principle! A trap in the form of invisible pipe? This is a complete nonsense! Absurd! I say this as an atheist, as a materialist by conviction. And then…

The] stunned shook his head.

— Then, — he said — at the crossroads, which was for me to walk fifteen meters, there was a car. She flew into the intersection from the alley perpendicular to the street on which I walked home.

Don’t know where and why hurry her driver. The car raced with frightening speed. She flashed at the intersection before my eyes in one second and disappeared from his eyes. The next moment an invisible pipe, around me, suddenly disappeared.

— If the pipe is not held you on the approach to the intersection for a few seconds…

— That’s it! — cried] with a fever. — I would be under the wheels of the car!

Engineer again stunned shook his head.

— What does that mean? — anxious whisper he said. — It turns out that there are in this world such a thing as an angel?

— It turns out that there is — replied session.

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