Global dimming is heavily talked about in the Internet

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О глобальном затемнении усиленно заговорили в Интернете

What is global dimming? If you never heard about this natural phenomenon, we clarify for you that for the first time about it in 1985, Atsumu Ohmura spoke the scientist (Atsumu Ohmura) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Federal institutes of technology in Zurich and Lausanne) .

The scientist warned that the Earth is approaching a gradual dimming, that is the level of sunlight in the next three decades will be reduced by about 10 percent. Your observations on this issue Atsumu Ohmura published in 1989, but soon it turned out that he was not the only one who came to the same shocking conclusion. In the nineties many scientists noticed that the level of solar illumination of the planet as a whole is falling, and this is particularly evident, for example, in the Arctic and the Antarctic, say, the Irish people began to notice this phenomenon at the end of last century.

But the really worrying case of a global dimming, scientists have only scored in 2007, when researchers from the Volcani Centre in the Israeli city of Beit Dagan summarized all available on the issue the data and concluded – that’s right, it is a sunless time, waiting for the Earth and its inhabitants — serious health problems, and not only. Israeli researchers agreed with the founder of the famous channel weather Weather Channel John Coleman, who promised to publish such data, to convey them to the General public.

О глобальном затемнении усиленно заговорили в Интернете

But… John Coleman suddenly died and did not fulfill his word (the cause of his death is still not clear why some conspiracy theorists concluded that John just removed, so it does not scare the earthlings these scary scientific predictions).

It’s been 10 years: what we have now

After the death of John Coleman for 10 years and only now the Internet began to emerge information about the global dimming, which is difficult to hide from the General public. Take as illustration this winter and in particular this past December. For example, in Brussels in the first month of winter the sun was observed almost more than 10 hours, why the meteorologists Belgium were forced to admit that it was the darkest month of winter since 1887 (compare with the earlier period simply is not possible).

О глобальном затемнении усиленно заговорили в Интернете

But what about Brussels, even if the southern French city of Marseille and Bordeaux, famous as a «sun trap», received in December respectively 26 and 10 hours sunshine average is about 100 hours. And Muscovites, note, in the last month of 2017 watched the sun only 6 minutes versus 18 hours in the distant 1985…

Here’s how commented on this sad phenomenon for Moscow Roman Vilfand of meteorological departments of Moscow state University:

It was the darkest month in the entire history of our meteorological observations, not surprising that in this time Muscovites began to notice a sharp decline of mood, prolonged periods of depression, and «Moskovsky Komsomolets» spoke about the surge in visits to psychiatrists…

That is, the approaching Apocalypse? It is not excluded, conspiracy theorists agree, however, to draw conclusions too early, let’s see what we will present to the summer of 2018, it is possible that anxiety in the case of a global blackout – a regular uplift to intimidate the earthlings, which in recent years more and more began to be freed from the zombies by the global elites and their academic minions. Too «dark» days this winter could just use to come up with for people (particularly gullible people in Europe) another horror story, as the previous example, the end of the world, aliens attack, the approach of the planet Nibiru, and so on, is not working. And here all is uncertain and vague, no specifics – you can panic from every cloudy day…

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