A scientist has discovered an unknown «city of God» the pictures of telescope «Hubble»

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Ученый обнаружил неизвестный «город Бога» на снимках телескопа «Хаббл»

From US professors Ken Wilson received information that the photographs obtained from the famous telescope «Hubble», was discovered an unknown «city of God».

A Professor from the United States made a sensational discovery, finding the photo «Hubble», which for the past 22 years, not known before «city of God» or, as he said, «the abode of God».

It should be noted that scientists this city was discovered in the collection of several photos together. On his discovery the Professor immediately reported to representatives of «NASA», thoroughly studied the photo and set the result that it is not an optical illusion, able to appear despite the fact that the telescope had a defect.

With regard to the size found a mysterious town, they are in many times more than our planet.

Specialists have analyzed by means of computer technology. They analyzed images from «Hubble» and concluded that the movement of the city just fits with the movements of the surrounding galaxies. So this could act as confirmation of the postulate of the Big Bang theory.

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