Parasites are attacking: In Tatarstan, the doctors found a worm in the eye of the patient, and in Moscow in the penis

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In Tatarstan the first recorded case of a terrible tropical disease. A resident of Kazan went to the hospital to undergo a routine checkup and the doctors found he had a rare disease. Write about it

Citizen of Kazan Dmitry (name changed) went on a routine inspection. The one that each of us takes in local hospitals. They measure the pressure, remove the EKG, my blood drawn and tested by other specialists, including an ophthalmologist. It is at the reception at an ophthalmologist, Dmitry said that he had a rare form of infectious eye disease caused by the presence of parasites.

It looks like dirofilaria eyes (illustrative photo not related to the case of Tatarstan)

Паразиты атакуют: В Татарстане врачи нашли червя в глазу пациента, а в Москве в половом органе

Dirofilaria eyes – typical of the tropical countries. To catch this infection in Sri Lanka, in the southern and Eastern Europe, Asia Minor. In Tatarstan to this day this diagnosis is never raised. Doctors recorded him for the first time.

This disease often susceptible to middle-aged men. One of the disease vectors are mosquitoes. The source of infection for them are stray dogs. Person can catch the infection while relaxing by the water or travel. The most dangerous period lasts from may to September. At this time very much increases the number of vectors of dirofilariasis.

After infection in the eye appear worms. Parasites visible to the naked eye, resemble twisted threads, or nodules. The movement of worms in the eye are sometimes mistaken for hallucinations. In addition, human visual acuity is reduced. Diagnosis of the disease is often difficult to identify the pathogen only after it has been removed from the eye.

Dmitry was lucky. He the infection has been detected in a timely manner. Now citizens of Kazan will undergo a course of treatment.

In Moscow the larvae of the tropical worm is a parasite found in the diseased penis

Hundreds of larvae of tropical parasite settled in manhood 25-year-old Muscovite, who returned from the Indian resort. A man suffering from intolerable itching, until recently postponed a visit to the doctors.

As reported «Moskovsky Komsomolets» according to their source from the office of tropical medicine and parasitic diseases in infectious clinical hospital №1, Moscow, by profession a Manager, was vacationing in Goa, India in the company of his girlfriend. Most of the time the couple spent on the beach.

Strong itching of the privates — the penis and scrotum, and lower abdomen, began to torment the tourist closer to the end of your holiday. However, after returning home, the man took the time to consult doctors in the hope that the trouble will pass by itself.

When the suffering reached its climax, the Muscovite went to the doctor from the local clinic, and he came to the conclusion that this is a common dermatitis. Prescribed treatment did not help, so the man decided to ask for help to specialists in tropical diseases.

And those on the first reception concluded that the patient was the victim of a so-called dog hookworm. The larvae of this worm live in the sand, where with feces doggies, and man is infected when you touch this sand.

Паразиты атакуют: В Татарстане врачи нашли червя в глазу пациента, а в Москве в половом органе

The man objected — a pier, on the beach he was always in swimming shorts, and lay only on the Mat. However, he recalled that the litter was sometimes the grains of sand — perhaps from Slippers. The doctors were thinking — why in this case the larvae of hookworm are not stationed in other places — on the chest for example.

When the patient announced the position in which sunbathing on the beach, all became clear — he was lying on his elbows to better look at his laptop, coming into contact with the particles of sand that is the lower part of the abdomen. And in a delicate place parasites penetrated through the wide shorts. Hundreds of moving worms were perfectly visible through the skin. However, the Muscovite did not even suspect that it’s a parasite.

Physicians appointed to the patient specific treatment.

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