Lost trail

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I was twelve years old. My friend Tanya suggested to go to the forest for berry fat — so at us in Transbaikalia black currants call. I agreed. However, the parents were against it — so far. But I begged to let me go.

In the end they agreed, but on condition that we take the dogs with me. It always please us dogs don’t an obstacle!

Early in the morning we Tanyuha went. The chill of but with calls until the right place came, almost no Charter. Dogs close by, the berries fully. Scored a bucket — large currants, removed easily and quickly. However, the sun has already risen, was hot, stuffy, mosquitoes bite. Then, fatigue and stress.

Потерявшаяся тропинка

We put buckets on the path on which they came, I tied to a branch above them, the scarf, visible from far away. Well, we decided to refresh and relax a bit, so on the way back to gain strength. Eating the berries, passing from Bush to Bush, sat in the grass and decided it was time!

Lo and behold, my scarves are seen. Probably, Yes untied fell to the ground. Buckets with berries is also no path on which they stood can not find.

Came all up and down. Can’t find anything: neither the scarf, nor a path, nor buckets of berries. And dogs don’t get ran off somewhere. Beneath your feet is spinning, and something no one.

Frankly, we became uncomfortable. Circling on the lawn (not that big) and I can’t find her. Oh, and berry waved his hand, although it is a pity — this way walked, for a whole bucket scored…

We are tired with tankeu, fear parses, and what to do not know. And look start to cry. Forces there. I decided to rest and then again the path to search. If you’re lucky? Fell with his girlfriend in the grass, and did not notice how fell asleep. If someone is turned off of us.

Don’t know how long we slept, but not for long. Open our eyes — and here it is, the scarf, hanging on a twig, bucket with currants under it standing on the path. We appeared to be on the trail slept! And dogs there even do not have to call.

We took their buckets home Yes. Where fatigue is just gone! And the fear disappeared. Agreed not to tell family and went to us! But to go alone, so far we do not take risks: one time cost, and secondly — as it will be known.

So I think: maybe the devil was messing with us then? They say, obey. Because mom didn’t want me to leave, saying that in those places the Goblin men lead. Do to convince me? That was a lesson. But in fact, the incident remained a mystery to us.

  • Meeting with the Owner of the forest
  • I like the Goblin mushrooms «planted»
  • In the thrall of the mysterious intelligent beings, like dogs
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