«I don’t need a man after this»: a Woman claims that having sex with ghosts

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27-year-old resident of Bristol on behalf of the Amethyst Realm (Realm Amethyst) calls himself a specialist in ghosts (spirit). However, it is not just can communicate with the ghosts of dead people, but, as she says, even engaged them to full-fledged sex.

Amethyst Realm says that she had sex with at least 20 ghosts, and so good that she prefers him more than any real man. Spirits know how to satisfy her and give her what she wants. The only thing she now wants is to find her «true» Ghost and be with him all the remaining years.

"Мне не нужен мужчина после такого": Женщина заявляет, что занимается сексом с призраками

Their unusual sexual preferences, the Amethyst Realm told me recently in a program on British channel ITV. Leading transfer Phillip and Holly asked her questions and the spirit gladly answered them.

«Sex with different ghosts there is the same difference as in sex with different real people. Because ghosts have a different energy,» says Amethyst.

The woman said that her relationship with the first Ghost, whom she had engaged in sexual contact, lasted for three years, but then their feelings are weakened and they broke up. After that, Amethyst was looking for a new ghostly partner and slept with at least 20 ghosts.

During her story leading Philip joked that if Amethyst will get pregnant from a Ghost, her child will be like Casper.

"Мне не нужен мужчина после такого": Женщина заявляет, что занимается сексом с призраками

Relationship with the first Ghost in the Amethyst began when she and her then-real-fiancé 10 years ago moved into a new house. In this house, the woman immediately felt a paranormal presence and when one day her fiance was gone on business, she decided to try to seduce a Ghost, stripped down to underwear. And then she felt touching herself.

When they started to have sex, a woman felt someone breathing, penetration and stroking on your body, as if it was a contact with a man, only invisible.

This sexual intercourse female has experienced a lot of satisfaction and she soon broke up with her fiance and was to meet with this Ghost.

She had never seen him face to face, only felt his touch to himself. After such sensations she «lost interest in any real men.»

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