The phenomenon of inexplicable wonderful smell of Christian nuns

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It is believed that the Christian nuns are the brides of Christ and as a sign that they wear a wedding ring during vows. After the so-called betrothal of sister Giovanna Maria della Croce from Rovereto (Italy) in 1625 ring finger «gave off a sweet smell that she could not hide and soon found out everything.»

Her biographer continues: «the Flavor of this was so strong that passed in contact, and remained a considerable time. It so happened that the hand of sister Mary Ursula, who touched the finger during the first illness of the Holy nuns, emitted a strong smell for a few days.

The smell was especially noticeable when Giovanna Maria was sick, since then she could not take precautions to hide it.

Феномен необъяснимого чудесного запаха христианских монахинь

From finger fragrance spread to the whole hand, and then all over the body and passed all subjects which it touches. It cannot be compared with any earthly smell, so it was really great and filled the entire body and soul with indescribable peace. It was especially noticeable after she took communion.

It came not only from her body but from her clothes even after a long time after she had ceased to wear them, and its straw mattress and other items in her room. But it spread throughout the house and preceded the appearance of any movement. All who were in choirs, learned of her approach even before she appeared in sight, by smell.

This wonderful phenomenon, which lasted many years, it seemed even more amazing, as she usually couldn’t stand any smells. We were forced to keep away from her musk and amber, as they worked on her so much even

great distance, being hidden in the basement that sometimes she even fainted. The only smell that didn’t hurt her, it was the smell that was coming from her own body.»

Similar happened with Saint Mary Agnel. During the hearing of the canonization of the Blessed Maria degli Angeli, who died in Turin in 1717, the Princess of the Royal house in Piedmont, vowing that he will speak the truth, gave the following testimony:

«In proof of the sanctity of the servants of God I testify that in places where she appeared, spread an amazing aroma. The sweetness of it was like nothing earthly smell. The more you breathe it, the more I enjoy.

Especially clearly it was felt during the festivals of the virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Theresa, during the solemn deviation and Holy holidays of Christmas, Easter, and Trinity.

Ladies of my entourage felt it as clearly as I did, and what struck me is that after the death of the servants of God, I continue to feel the aroma in the room which she occupied, while she was gone all the old things.»

Other witnesses at the hearing gave similar testimony. One of the nuns from the same monastery, said, «When we needed a Reverend mother and we couldn’t find her, we tracked her scent that she left behind».

Like many Holy men, marked out by God, Maria tried hard to hide it and kept in my room stinking things to kill the smell. But it was useless, as the heavenly aroma it is impossible to hide.

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