A female psychic from Essex says that the dead reach out to her and tell you how they want to be buried

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54-year-old Tracy long from Essex (England) calls himself a mystic and a psychic. She specializiruetsya that allegedly receives messages from the recently deceased. In them the spirits of the dead talk about how they want to be buried. All the information Tracy then transmits to the relatives of the deceased.

According to Tracy long, she thus 40 already arranged the funeral.

Technically, it is so that Tracy gets some message, which she sent with the code or 14.44 1.44. A woman calls in their messages from the angels. Shortly thereafter, she calls the family of the deceased and requested to attend the funeral and to help with their dispensation.

Tracy says that she receives from the spirits of many of the details of how the deceased wanted to be buried, including what the song should sound like at a funeral or what verses should be read.

Женщина-экстрасенс из Эссекса говорит, что умершие связываются с ней и рассказывают как они хотят быть похоронены

Tracy says that the spirits of the dead accompany her in the time of the funeral service and are there for her.

«It is an honour for me, to feel blessed and chosen to be part of the end of their earthly life.»

According to Tracy, this connection also brings a lot of relief to the families of the dead and helps them to relieve stress from the death of a loved one.

For the first time about their paranormal abilities Tracy learned in childhood, but to practise it was only 20 years ago.

«I was born with these sverkhchuvstvitel and as a child I saw different animals in his room. But then I think they live under my bed. When I was 6 years old, I heard someone called my name. At first I thought it was God himself wants to talk to me, but then I realized that it was my deceased grandpa Joe long».

Женщина-экстрасенс из Эссекса говорит, что умершие связываются с ней и рассказывают как они хотят быть похоронены

Once on the Birthday Tracy gave a deck of Tarot cards and then her gift has developed more. She says that for ordinary people it’s just a gift card. But for her it was a tool that tells her the stories of the people.

«I can even predict the future. I don’t know how I do it. But often I say things to people, and then people come to me a week or two later and say that I was right all along. If someone is pregnant, I can predict it a few weeks before they will know about it. But if they go for an interview, I can immediately tell whether they get the job or not».

To help the spirits of the dead to arrange their funerals Tracy beginning in 2016. One day she accidentally visit a funeral home and there met two brothers who were preparing for the funeral of his mother. After that night the spirit of the deceased mother visited Tracy.

«She came to me when I was sleeping. I didn’t see her but felt her presence, as it was with the others. Since then, the spirits regularly visit me and I know about their ward when they start something to rattle or knock».

The spirits in some way serves Tracy signs about what needs to be at the funeral music.

«The family of one deceased woman could not choose the song that will play at her funeral and that night the song Nat King Cole played over and over in my head. A few days came to me her spirit and I learned that it was the favorite song of this dead woman.»

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