The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2018

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Предсказания Нострадамуса на 2018 год

Scientists continue to unravel the quatrains of Nostradamus, trying to see into the future, which is easily seen, that a great prophet, Yes, unfortunately very vaguely expressed it all down on paper .

So, according to his vague quatrains, 2018, nothing will gladden our world, on the contrary, will bring us a lot of grief and suffering. In the coming year, as written by rasshifrovki quatrains in the world will be very ugly child, and his birth somehow would entail millions of casualties. For example, war breaks out between Jews, then this conflict will intervene other countries. There is a high probability that one of the Arab countries to use chemical weapons, which is able to destroy most of humanity.

Perhaps that is why mother Nature will take revenge people for their so mad appeal with the planet. But because Siberia flared unprecedented fires, Western Europe nakroet torrential rains, comparable to the Bible, what part of great Britain will go under water, and Europe in General are empty, and only many years later it will again begin to populate people…

The picture drawn by Nostradamus bleak. Here are just Nostradamus or those who are not really translate his quatrains? No wonder there is a perception that the meaning of these mysterious quatrains comes to us not «before» and «after».

Our readers often complain that we scare them such prophecies. Not at all, on the contrary, we try not to exaggerate, offering a look at all the predictions of the oracles, even the great, from a critical point of view. For example, stressing that the future is multivariate, and that is why the prophets so often wrong. Besides, even the most accurate predictions are incorrectly interpreted to us: remember the terrible prophecy Vanga on the Kursk, which will go under water… Maybe with the UK, the situation is exactly the same?..

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