Photograph of Ghost has caused a stir in the Indian campus

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Фотография с привидением вызвала переполох в индийском студгородке

Students and teachers from North Bengal University, located in the Indian city of Siliguri, was puzzled and frightened by the ominous photo, spread between the students. A mysterious picture depicts a pale human silhouette standing in the night near the fence of the campus.

Immediately rumors about the Ghost that wanders around the University campus after sunset and scares its inhabitants. Since then the students and even teachers try to get round the road that leads to campus from the forest, which was photographed alleged comes from the world .

Newly minted urban legend, surprisingly, riveted the attention not only of young people, students here, but also their teachers. Some professors stated that they were surprised and angry for such a shameless trick of youth. According to them, some craftsman took a picture of night forest and has processed the received frame in the editor by adding a phantom figure. Thus, he is very scared his classmates and even of some particularly superstitious teachers. The University plans to calculate a good sense of humor, if this is really someone’s skillful drawing, and make against him a disciplinary measure.

Meanwhile, here shrink at night outside, wishing to see «Ghost white» with own eyes. Even the local researchers of supernatural phenomena have visited with the permission of the administration the campus in the dark to confirm or deny the rumors about the restless spirit. No paranormal activity specialists are not recorded. This, however, is not to say that the fearsome phantom is not here. Perhaps the mystery comes from the world decided to prityanut, to lull the vigilance of General, and now begin to restore the surrounding horror with redoubled zeal. Or maybe it was the random appearance of ghosts, or let’s say disposable, because in an accident the mystics speak somehow even indecent…

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